C’est de Quelle Couleur?

winners (2)Year 6 got creative during their last week of French. They have been studying how to make colours agree depending on whether what you are describing is masculine, feminine or plural – something we don’t have to think about in English!

For homework, they had to create an item in the most imaginative way possible (and label it in French of course). Amrit made ‘Un Poisson Multicolore’ using a variety of beautiful feathers, Corie made ‘Une Chaussure Noire’ by plaster casting, Chloe used a never-ending amount of tissue paper to make ‘Une Pastèque Rouge et Noire’, Jay got handy with an electric jigsaw to produce ‘Un Homme Marron’ and Cole created a whole McDonald’s Happy Meal for his ‘Le Fastfood Rouge and Jaune’.

Félicitations to all of our winners.  We had some amazing entries across the year group and a display of their work will go up in September.  Bonnes vacances tout le monde!

Harry v Lucas: 6-2

20160718_112736Year 8’s Harry and Lucas, seeded 3 and 8 respectively, faced one another in this year’s championship match. The tournament this year was over-subscribed and both boys had to fight off some talented competitors on their way to the final.

The sun was out on what was the hottest day of the year so far and passing clouds provided the occasional much needed relief.

Harry’s opening service game was by far the longest of the tournament lasting nearly 15 minutes with many deuces. Lucas broke in that opener but Harry’s serve proved too powerful in the games that followed. Lucas’ shots became more accurate as the match progressed but Harry was the stronger player on the day and went on to have a 6-2 victory.
We also had a special Champions game with last year’s finalists Emma and Rebecca. Click ‘continue reading’ to find out the result from that match.

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Thank you Routes into Languages

Chantry were invited along to Newcastle University last week to attend the final steering group meeting of Routes into Languages.  As you may be aware, the funding for Routes has unfortunately come  to an end despite a well-signed petition to the Government.

Chantry’s languages department has been involved in many Routes events over the years, such as the Spelling Bee and Festival of International Culture.  Their regular newsletters have also drawn our attention to other projects which we have participated in, including last summer’s Chinese immersion trip where Year 5s spent a week at Frensham Heights in Surrey.

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Sports Day Results

  Bertram   DeMerlay   Greystoke   Middleton
Y5&6 Track 156   152   146   164
Y5&6 Field 152   153   164   142
Y7&8 Track 177   175   174   161
Y7&8 Field 184   170   164   140
Totals 669   650   648   607

Winners: Bertram

RSC Prize Winners Visit Nestlé

IMG_2945Chantry Year 8 students Miriam and Stephanie, who recently won the Royal Society of Chemistry prize at the National Science and Engineering Competition, have just taken part in a special visit to York as part of their prize. They were accompanied by Dr Jackson and Lucy Tetley of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The girls began their day in York by visiting the Nestlé Product Technology Centre for Confectionary, where the company’s global confectionary products are created and tested. Nestlé’s other facility in York is the main producer of Kit Kat for the UK market.

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Nĭ hăo Chen

chenLast month, we had a special visitor in our languages department.  Zhuo Chen is studying for an MA in Education Research and wanted to see the way in which MFL is taught to KS2.

“I really enjoyed my two days at Chantry.  From the lessons I watched, I found the students to be alert and happy to get involved in all activities. The teachers used a variety of methods to motivate and engage students and brought their own personalities into the lesson. I saw a great outdoor investigative task which was well-organised – all of the pupils were enthusiastic to join in with the learning taking place.

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2016-07-01 09.21.33Congratulations to Team Chantry and Team Newminster who completed their 36 mile bike ride to the Rothbury Hills on Friday 1st July. We had an amazing day in the sunshine and all of the children should feel very proud of their achievement. It was a tough route with plenty of hills but they all dug deep.

The ride was the culmination of a six week training programme which saw the children tackle Whorral Bank on a number of occasions as their hill training. It certainly paid off as we climbed up to Simonside! There were a lot of very happy, if a little tired, faces on our return. Well done to Sophie Clarke, Evie Herold, Emma Walker and Will Stappard. You were all amazing!