Northumberland Community Enterprise Limited

Northumberland Community Enterprise Ltd are a Stobhill based charity helping families throughout the North East during hard times. They tackle food poverty, deprivation, help parents to find work and have recently been shortlisted to win a large National Lottery grant.

Grant funding will mean that they can open a community shop in Stobhill offering;

A free School Uniform Bank, Community Food Pantry, Free Haircuts, Recycled Household Paint, a Job Club and Training.

If they are successful in securing enough votes they will be working with local schools and social services who can refer families into their project. This will enable them to purchase and provide recycle bins for schools, organise regular collections and arrange mending and repairing of uniforms if necessary.  They will also be collecting food from ASDA twice per week and offering parcels to families during difficult times. Their hairstylist will work two evenings per week providing free school approved haircuts to children and those parents who have secured Job Interviews.

Please can we all support this local charity and vote to bring these services to the area.

Click the link to vote and remember to verify your vote in your email account afterwards