Chantry Chat

Welcome to Chantry Chat’s first story of the new school year- the first part of a series of narratives by Amy.

It is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and hook you immediately!


               On the Run

Chapter 1

        You’d think every child in the world had something to lay their head on or have a certain role in life… I don’t fit any of those descriptions. I live in a alleyway with a stray cat called Tide. I am an orphan. Like every orphan, they want to find their family. I don’t. I’ve got Tide.

When I found Tide he was soaked from head to tail. He kept moving back and forth like he had something wrong with him. He just needed a wee. I called him Tide because the tide goes back and forth.

The alleyway is close to the beach so I mostly steal from the Fish and Chip shop bin.We both have stories of our past that haunt us. I remember my Family. They would spank me so hard my bottom could have been mistaken for an apple. My brother Dan was my best friend. We ran away together. We then got chased by the police and then ran in different directions, I haven’t seen him since.    

   Chapter 2

    Today, I am going to rummage through the bins for money. It would be a nice change for once, to buy fresh food! With Tide by my side, we sneaked to the bins and luckily no one saw us. We had been caught before and one man told us to shoo like we were filthy, no good rats. I rummaged through the bin but only find a portion of chips and mouldy ketchup. I felt a tail rub against me and it was Tide. She had something between her teeth. It was multiple notes and they were purple. I took them out her dirty jaw and I couldn’t believe my eyes… It was £20 notes and there were…1…3…6…9…15…18!!! That was £360! I was rich! I could have a bed, Tide could get proper cat food and maybe I could have a Mum or Dad!

That day I was straight to the adoption centre downtown.  The place was empty and the receptionist beckoned me over. She wore a purple sweater, black shining skirt and glasses.  “I would like to put myself up for adoption, please.” I said.  “ Ok that would be £20 with a guardians signature.”  I handed her my money. My mind went blank. I’m homeless and used to have parents.  She led me to a small cupboard filled with all sorts of clothes.  I picked a checkered shirt, black jeans and a plain white T-shirt.  “Right, you’re lucky, there is one place left at Keiki Home.” she said, “You’ll be sent there until somebody decides to adopt you.”  It was great, I was going to have a family. But I had forgotten my only friend.  “Can I bring my cat to the home?”  I couldn’t leave Tide. He was my best friend. “ Keiki’s Home is allowed small animals under half a metre.”  “Yes, Tide can come with!”   I couldn’t believe it! I was getting a home with- fingers crossed- someone nice. Tide was coming with and he was all I needed

Chapter 3 is yet to come!

Amy M – 7W