The wonderful game – Yr 5

Football  is a great well known game and it is played everywhere in the world. It was played wayback then when the Aztecs were known to mankind. In China they use goat guts to make a football. They would cover the guts with fur and then they kicked the ball. They also did not have any rules at all! So they used to kick, punch, throw and even bite!

Then there were the Romans. The Romans were very good. They used to do all kinds of stuff, at least they were better than a game whith no rules…. Well the Romans did not have that many rules! If you thought that the Romans had lots of rules, well you are wrong. Very wrong!

Now we can go on to talk about the rules of the beautiful game of football: first things first there are eleven players on a team playing on the pitch. There are two teams in each game and there are loads of formations for a team but you can only pick one. There are 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 5-3-2, and 5-4-1.Those are a couple of the formations of an eleven-a-side match! Also there is a halfway line going along the middle of the pitch and that is where kick off is taken there is a little spot in the exact middle of the pitch. Also there is a huge box around the goal, inside the big box is a small box called the six yard box, it is called that because it is six yards away from the nearest goal. Inside the big box, close to the six yard box is the penalty spot where a penalty is taken (a penalty is when someone does a nasty tackle or a hand ball in the big box) that is twelve yards away from the goal. Now let’s talk about a free kick, a free kick is when someone does the same things as a penalty but is outside the box. If the free kick is close to the box and it is in range of scoring that is called a direct free kick. If the free kick isn’t in range of shooting then that is an indirect free kick.The lines on the side of the pitch is where the throw ins are taken. That is when the ball is off the pitch, to take a throw in you hold the ball in your hands and put the ball behind your head and throw the ball forwards to your team.

Football is a game of two teams of 11 players, you can have lots of teams.Some of the best teams are: Man city, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man united, Liverpool and Atletico Madrid.

We all have our idols (the world-class players) like: Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, De Ligt and Van Dijk.

Finally if you are good enough you can play for your country in pride! So what are you waiting for? Go and play football and enjoy the wonderful game!