Izzy’s fantastic rhyming poem – The House on the Hill.

The House on the Hill


There’s a lady who lives in the house on the hill,
With urns and dolls on the windowsill.
She has dust all over the mantlepiece,
Her hair is long and caked in grease.

She wears a dress that’s all in black,
If you go to her house, you won’t come back.
No-one’s ever heard her voice,
She plays with death like kids play with toys.

Some won’t believe what it is they see,
When her husband comes to town for tea!
He’s allowed downtown for one day a week,
Which is why he acts so scared and meek.

She has a son, some say his name’s Joe,
But no-one will ever really know.
Her family is a mystery,
They could be alive or dead as can be.

She’s a controlling, scary, frightening witch,
Manipulative, terrifying and quite rich.
So that, children, is why you will,
Never go to the forbidden house on the hill!


Year 8