Staff List

(Updated August 2021)

CEO of The Three Rivers Learning Trust

Mr S Taylor


Mr B Stewart

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K Binns

Assistant Headteachers

Mrs D Brett  &  Miss A Saxton

Year 5 Pastoral Team

Mrs O Ellwood Director for Teaching and Learning Year 5 / PSHE Subject Leader
Miss J Edwards Subject Leader for Computing
Mrs V Russell
Miss R Gordon
Miss G Bulloch
Miss K Scott

Year 6 Pastoral Team

Mr C Shaw Director for Teaching and Learning Year 6
Mrs C Wilson
Mr B Ord Subject Leader for PE
Mrs R Irving
Mrs S Buckton Subject Leader for KS2 Humanities / RE

Year 7 Pastoral Team

Miss L Mackenzie Director for Teaching and Learning Year 7
Miss R Moore
Mr P Hughes
Mrs H Herbertson Subject Leader for KS3 Humanities / RE
Mrs L Elliott Subject Leader for Technology / Creative Arts
Mrs C Young Subject Leader for Science

Year 8 Pastoral Team

Miss L Larsen Director for Teaching and Learning Year 8
Dr T Jackson
Mr F Stoker
Mrs L Steedman Subject Leader for English
Mrs J Summers
Dr D McDonnell

Teaching Staff

Miss A Saxton Assistant Headteacher  / Subject Leader for Mathematics
Mrs B Dunphy SENDCo & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss R Said Subject Leader for MFL
Mr P Hughes
Mrs S Brown Lead Professional for Initial Teacher Training
Mr P Hutchinson

Associate Staff

Admin Manager Catering Manager
Mrs S Hall Mrs A Hoyle
COO Senior Performance Analyst
Mr M Tait Mrs K Simpson
School Business Manager Data & Finance Officer
Mrs D Armstrong Mrs C Allison
HLTA Admin Assistant
Mr I Storey Ms S Pringle
Mrs D Kerr
Lead Teaching Assistant Science Technician
Mrs G Craigs TBC
Mrs J Wilson
Teaching Assistants Pastoral Mentor
Ms S Piper Mrs A Megwa
Mrs V Desai
Mrs J Herron School Counsellor
Ms J Hoyle Mrs S Railton
Mrs D Reay
Miss K Allison Volunteer Counsellor
Mrs T Hornsby Mr J Perkins
Caretakers Lunchtime Supervisors
Mr P Wigham Mrs A Stroughton
Mr G Blackett Mrs M Purvis
Cleaning Staff  ICT Technician
Mr G Hewitt Mr P Holmes
Mr A Gray
Mrs L Barron Librarian
Miss M Conroy Ms E Patterson
Ms M Lynn
Mrs L Wigham