Mr Todd interview

Today we had the opportunity to interview our music teacher, Mr Todd. As he has lots to do with organizing the ensemble bands. We recently visited him in his classroom to ask him about his opinion on the many ensemble bands here at school.

Why should you people join ensemble bands?

Groups of people who enjoy the same thing gives a more focused less diverse sense of music. There’s something for everyone.

How does music affect people mentally?

Music has the power to bring back long forgotten memories, and affects people emotionally without words.

If you had to choose one ensemble to join which one would you join and why?

Percussion, because I’m usually involved in Choir, so it would be something different. And I like bashing things with sticks.

Which ensemble band is most popular and why?

Choir is definitely more popular, as we have something like 257 members.

Which instrument isn’t as popular as it should be?

I think the trumpet hasn’t taken off as much as people realise.

Do you think your time at Chantry has influenced students opinions on music?

I hope so, it’s always important that students like the lesson.

Do you play instruments that could be played in one of the ensembles?

Yeah, I play the bass.

Overall, we think music ensembles are a great way to share skills and connect with people you might not usually engage with. Music is a great way to relieve stress and express creativity. So… if you aren’t already involved in an ensemble, something new! You never know, you might really enjoy it.

By Sophie and Eva, Year 7