Maths Quiz Competition

MathCongratulations to the students in Year 6 Mr Johnson’s Maths class and Year 5 Mr Hutchinson’s Maths class who took part in the Junior Maths Challenge.

A number of the children received Gold, Silver & Bronze Certificates – well done!

During the quiz, they were asked the following questions. If you know the answer, you could be in for a prize…

Question 1 – I am on the top of a helter skelter facing east. The chute will turn me anticlockwise through 630 degrees. In what direction will I be facing at the bottom?

Question 2 – If the day before the day before yesterday was Thursday, what is the day after the day after tomorrow?

Question 3 – The sum of the digits of 2014 is a prime number. How many years will it be until the sum of the digits of the year is again a prime number?

Answers on a postcard to Mr Johnson by Wednesday 17th December – first postcard drawn out of hat will win a selection box!!!