‘Frame your World’ Photographic Competition

frame-your-idea---milkshake-adHow good a photographer are you? Why not try and see. Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter. Entries will be accepted from anybody from The Three Rivers Learning Trust and Collingwood School and Media Arts College.

Aimed at photography enthusiasts, from our community the judges are looking to award the best single shots across five diverse categories, individuals may enter a maximum of three photos in each category. All submitted images must have been taken in either 2015 or 2016.

In each category judges will award 1 winner, 1 runner up and up to 5 commended entries. All group winners of each photo category will be entered in ‘The 2016 Frame your World’ Grand Photography Final where one photograph will be the overall winning entry.

Click below to find out more – including photo categories and prizes!

The five Categories of entry for the Photos are as follows:


Go beyond the selfie craze to document one of the most photographed of all subjects, people. Photographs of people in different contexts can offer diverse and interesting social, cultural and aesthetic qualities, more so perhaps than any other subject.

Nature & Wildlife:

Visit the great outdoors, do some exploration and put your skills to the test! Nature and Wildlife photography is regarded as being one of the more challenging fields of photography and refers to a wide range of photography devoted to displaying natural elements such as wildlife, insects, plants, and close-ups of nature’s intricate patterns and textures.


Architecture offers rich, exotic and diverse photographic possibilities; from basic domestic spaces to grand estates, dated office blocks to state of the art sports grounds. Capture buildings from different angles and perspectives to convey their vast scale, the beauty of their geometry, or a minute detail.

Split Second:

Capture the ultimate high-speed moment that will be gone in split second. Don’t just think sport for this category, think anything that moves. Capturing high-speed movement and split second action is tricky; it requires technical skill, patience and imagination to find the perfect moment that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Awaken your curiosity and create exciting images highlighting the colour of life. Bright, vivid, contrasting or complementing colours surround us all day every day. Natural or created this category allows you to show the images we see every day with a focus on colours.

Submitting entries:

Simply email your photograph in Jpeg format to christopher.bryant@the3rivers.net Include in the message the following information:

  1. Name:
  2. Choose one from the list below:   
    1. Year group and school
    2. Staff
    3. Parent (also include your child’s name and what school are they currently in)
  3. The category you are entering from the list below:
    • People
    • Colours
    • Nature & Wildlife
    • Architecture
    • Split second
  4. The Camera you have used – e.g. Nikon D70 or iPhone etc.
  5. Where the photo was taken.
  6. Date photo taken – Note that all photos must be taken in either 2015 or 2016.

Basic Rules:

Images of max 10 MB in size must be submitted online via: christopher.bryant@the3rivers.net

  1. The original images should be at least 3 MB in size as winning images will be printed and exhibited.
  2. Submitted images should be in JPEG format and at least 1,600 pixels wide for a horizontal image or 1,600 pixels tall for a vertical image.
  3. Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed. Only basic enhancements such as sharpening, contrast, adjustment, or simple cropping will be allowed.
  4. Black & White images are accepted for all categories as well as colour.
  5. Each image submitted must be the original and unpublished work of the participant who must also be its copyright owner.
  6. By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having granted the organiser the right to use the image in print, broadcast and/or electronic media.
  7. Where any image is used by the organiser, the participant will be acknowledged accordingly provided the details have been provided. (if acknowledgement not wanted please indicate this in the email.)

The organiser reserves the right to change or replace the competition prizes and/or modify the rules and regulations of the competition as and when necessary, without prior notice.

The images will be selected by a panel of judges and their decision is final. No correspondence pertaining to the selection process and decision will be entertained. Deadlines for submission of entries is 12pm on Friday 19 August 2016. The panel of judges will evaluate the images based on the following criteria:

  1. Artistic/visual appeal.
  2. Extent to which the photograph captures the essence of the theme.
  3. Originality.
  4. Creativity.
  5. Relevance to the theme.

By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the competition.


The overall winner of the competition will receive a large framed photo of their image, a personalised ‘Magic Photo Mug’ with their winning photograph printed on it and a personalised keyring.

The overall winners of each category will receive a printed framed photo of their image and a  ‘Magic Photo Mug’ with their winning photograph printed on it.

The five runners up will receive a personalised key ring with their image printed on it.

Further prizes may be announced as confirmed closer to the submission closing dates. All entrants will be emailed directly with competition updates and prize information as the competition progresses.

Deadlines for submission of entries is 12pm on Friday 19th August 2016.

A selection of entries will be displayed in The King Edward VI School as well as on the school websites with acknowledgement of the photographer and the finishing position in the competition. There will also be a school magazine article published with details of the winners, runners up and commended entries.

A full colour PhotoBook may also be created depending on the amount of entries. Information will be sent out to email addresses if the Photobook is created so individuals can purchase the book if required.