Chantry Chat

‘We have long awaited Amy’s next few chapter of On The Run, here they are.’

Chapter 3

When I walked into my new home, all the kids stared at me, maybe it was because I haven’t had a bath in a couple of months, or the fact I had a grubby cat in my arms. “Right, I’d like you to all meet… I’m sorry what was your name again?” the adoption lady asked.  I was completely dumbstruck. I had no name, except for beast. The only reason my brother was named was because when I was born there couldn’t be two beasts. “Umm…”  I thought long and hard about what I could be called. I remember me and Dan thinking of a good name for me when I grew up.  “My name is Calum, Calum Goodman.” I replied. That was my last name, so I was usually Beast Goodman. “Ok, Calum, I’d like you to meet Camilla, she is the owner of Keiki home for Kids.” “Lovely to meet you.” the frail, elderly women said in a soft tone, “Why don’t we get a cuppa, so I can get to know you?” We left Keiki home, with Camilla on her dainty mobility scooter. I was actually quite surprised when I found I couldn’t keep up with the scooter.  “How fast does this thing go?” I asked, panting. “I’m not sure, but it is quite fast!” Luckily the cafe was only around the corner. “Would you like something to eat Calum?” “Yes!” I replied instantly. I haven’t had anything for two or three days. “Ooh you’re eager.” she chuckled. We popped on the seats closest to the window. “I have one very important question for you, why does your adoption paper have no parent or guardian signature on it?” “I set myself up for adoption, you see my parents, well…” “It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me, darling.” she said in that same loving, soft tone. “No, I need to, I haven’t told anyone.” I encouraged myself. “My parents… abused me. They neglected me. I always felt as if my brother was the only person who loved me, and my Grandma.”
“My! No wonder you set yourself up for adoption!” Camilla squealed. “My family didn’t put the good into Goodman.” Camilla looked at me intently. “Is that your last name, by any chance?” Camilla questioned. We were then interrupted by a waitress.“I have the Chicken and Vegetable soup.” “Oh, that’s for me, thank you dear.” Camilla stated. “Then this must be yours.” The waitress placed a piping hot plate in front of me, a nice baguette filled with ham and cheese. “Watch out, the food will be hot!” the waitress warned, then walked off. I didn’t listen to a word she said, I scoffed that meal down like an animal. “Going back to our conversation…” I said, “My last name is Goodman.” “And what are your parents names.” The thoughts of my parents disturbed me. “Harry and Val. Why are you asking?” Camilla looked shocked. “Calum, my grandson!” she wailed, “Is that really you!” I was shell shocked. She was the Grandma I loved when I was young, I don’t know how I didn’t recognise her! When I was little, me and Dan loved going to Gran’s house. She wouldn’t swear and beat us. She’d give us food, and sometimes sweets! Camilla’s eyes welled up with an oceans worth of tears, and so did mine.

Chapter 4

We were back at Keiki home, greeted by Tide.“Hey girl, you look nice.” Her fur didn’t look dirty at all, not one speck of mud was on her and Tides fur wasn’t tatty with big lumps of hair. She actually felt smooth. “How did this happen?” “They obviously took very good care of Tide!” Grandma responded We walked into the home and everyone was all over Tide. She was the star of Keiki Home. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet my grandson, Calum.”  Now, everyone huddled around me, maybe it was that I had been holding a manky cat. I was shown to my dorm room by Grandma Camilla. The furniture looked all specially picked out. It was very modern with two single beds each side of the room with wardrobes at the bottom. “Who’s my roommate?” I asked. “You don’t have one yet.” Camilla replied, “But I am determined to find Daniel.” “Why did you go for Calum as your name?” she continued. “Me and Dan had always discussed running away, so we had to think of a name for me because Dan didn’t want to call me beast.” “Well, I best leave you to get comfy.” “Thank you, gran.” I said with a slight smile on my face. I placed my bags down and closed my curtains, blocking the dim winter sun. I’m glad that I found a place to live. I wouldn’t be able to bear another sub zero winter, no, not again. I lay on my bed and found myself drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 5

“Dude!” I heard someone shout. “Dude, wake up!” I opened my eyes and right in front of me was Dan. I ran and gave him a hug. “Hey, what was that for, did I do something bad?!” Dan said in a sarcastic tone. “Where are we?” I asked
Before my brother could even answer, I was in my own bedroom, I was back home! “What’s the matter?” “Why am I back home?” “You’ve always been home, I can’t even remember the last time we saw daylight!” Dan said. It suddenly dawned on me that I had been dreaming. “No!” I screeched. “SHUT UP BEAST!” I heard my dad’s voice scream. “So we never ran away?” I continued whispering. “I wish!” Dan exclaimed. Loud footsteps came to the door with a shadowy figure.
“I said shut it both of you!” Harry screamed. “I want you in the lounge immediately!” “Sir, yes, sir!” Dan giggled as if he was in the army. “NOW!” My Dad went over to my brother, but I had enough. I’m not treated like most kids are, and that is the one thing that made me so happy to run away, but my dream is all gone. I live in a nightmare. I just want my parents to love me. I got up and shouted louder than before; I’d never shouted at him before. Dan looked at me as if I was a different person.  My Dad went in for argument! “Run Dan!” I shouted. “You come as well!” We ran through the house to the front door, but the door wouldn’t budge open. “Get the keys!” When Dan span around, there was my mother. “What are you doing.” she asked. “Oh nothing, just, you know, checking the door is locked so we don’t get out.” Dan said as an excuse. “Wow, you beasts are finally learning.” my Mum said and then walked away. “Quickly get the keys.”  Dan grabbed the keys from under the mat. “We’re free!” Dan shouted. “Oh no you’re not!” I heard Harry say. “Go Dan! Leave without me!” “I can’t! I won’t leave you here to suffer!” “Please Dan, we both can’t leave, one of us will get caught, you go!” I pleaded. My brother knew exactly what to do, he grabbed the keys and his backpack whilst I held off my dad. I tried to go with Dan but then a piece of rope was slung across my neck. My parents always did that. “No!” Dan screamed as he ran away. “Go, I’ve already felt freedom.” I croaked. I could slowly feel myself wither away…