A CMS Spanish Review

Students love our Spanish lessons here at Chantry Middle School. In them we include fun exercises that mean the pupils get to compete against each other in teams. There are songs and raps that our Spanish teacher creates to help kids learn. One of my favourites is a rap that goes along to the song Gangnam Style but instead of the lyrics, it recites the numbers 1 to 20 in Spanish.

Some pieces of Spanish work can be difficult but here at Chantry, we have developed a way where students can choose what level to work at. There is Developing – which is the lowest level – Expected – a normal level of work – and Mastering – above the expected level -. In Spanish, our teacher makes three sheets – one for each level – and you can pick whatever level you feel most comfortable with.

A student was interviewed on what they thought of the Spanish lessons. When asked if anything could be changed about the lessons, they said that nothing needed to be changed and that the lessons were really good already!

By Ruby, Year 7