Year 8 Jigsaw- Get them all, or none at all!

In Chantry Middle School Year 8 students  have a jigsaw and each piece means something different.

On each piece of jigsaw is a word such as: achievement then aspiration, care, cooperation, creativity, reflection ,resilience, respect and responsibility.

Each of these jigsaw pieces makes us think in order to achieve what we need to get on each piece of jigsaw. Every time we place a piece of evidence in the portfolio we hand it in to the head of the school and then we can get our jigsaw piece sticker which we put in the front of our portfolio. If we complete the whole thing we can use it to show people in high school, this gives us good credit. It is also very fun to do and achieve.

We both interviewed Mr Johnson (Head of School) about the jigsaw.

Elise: Why did you want to set up the jigsaw?
Mr Johnson: So the year eights that do it can learn to be individuals.

Elise: What do you think is the most beneficial about the jigsaw and why?
Mr Johnson: It helps you learn about the values you need in life.

Lottie: How many years have you been doing the jigsaw system for, now?
Mr Johnson: I have been doing this for about four years now.

Lottie: How can this helps us as an individual?
Mr Johnson: it helps us by learning different skills and being proud of ourselves.

By Elise and Lottie.