Year 5 Anti-bullying Workshop

On 30th October​, we welcomed Dave Burns into school to talk to all the Year 5 students about Anti-bullying. The children took part in workshops which looked at what kind of people bullies are, why a bully behaves the way they do, the effects of bullying, what to do if you or someone else is being bullied and cyber bullying.

Ella McFetrich said “The anti-bullying workshop was very interesting and explained a lot about the effects of bullying and how it may effect a person’s life. Bullies do it for any reason, something could be happening at home, they could be being bullied themselves or they may just want attention or think it’s cool. I learnt that anyone can be a bully – boys, girls and even adults! I also learnt that a fall out isn’t bullying, it’s just something that happens occasionally.”

Honor Burns said “I learnt that it is better to tell someone if someone else is bullying you, because if you don’t tell anyone you might feel anxious about it. I also learnt that some social media platforms need you to be a certain age to have the app.”

Anna Pratt said “Cyber bullying is when you message people or send silly, or naughty things online. The police can easily get involved and you could get charged.”

Dave will be back in school over the coming months to run different workshops with Year 6, 7 and 8 too.