Winners at The Key Awards 2017

As you may already know, 7S have been taking part in an enterprise scheme in conjunction with ‘Leading Link’ and ‘The Key’. We previously mentioned their trip to S

age HQ, Newcastle earlier in the term here.

Since our last article, the children took their products to Morpeth Market where they were able to sell their products to local people and visitors. They even got advice from a regular stall holder on how to perfect their market “shouting” techniques. Their final selling location was at our Summer Fayre where pupils, parents and staff were able to buy the products. Please see twitter for a range of photographs from these events.

But most exciting of all is that three of our six groups were nominated for an award at The Key Awards 2017 – Quoted, Wacky Washis and Chalkies. All three were nominated for the same award – Innovative Key Group 2017. We were invited to attend the awards evening, at the Civic Centre in Newcastle on 29th June, where we met with nearly 180 young people who had been nominated for a range of awards. We represented one of twenty five schools that night out of 400 schools who took part in the project. A fantastic achievement in itself and every child who was nominated for an award received a certificate to celebrate their achievements.

As the night went on, and the consumption of sweets and cakes continued, we heard about all the fantastic projects other young people had organised. What a range of absolutely inspirational young people we were amongst! We are delighted to say that Chalkies were the winners of the award! The judges said that their unique idea of blackboard style mugs and plant pots was well executed and they could see how the idea could develop further.

Miss Mackenzie said “All of the children worked extremely hard throughout the project. This was a student lead project which the children fully embraced from the very beginning, with support from Julie and Lynn from Leading Link. Being nominated for an award was a huge achievement in itself but to walk away with an award really acknowledges the dedication the children had, in order to make their project successful. I am extremely proud of them all – hard work definitely pays off!”

Sol F, from winning group Quoted, said “When I was at the awards evening I felt happy because Julie, who is one of the people who helped us, won and award and we also won an award”

Will A, from winning group Quoted, said “When we won the award I was stunned. I never thought that would happen to our group! I thought all of the groups that were nominated were fantastic but I am pleased that the judges liked our project”

Alan M said “I had a great night, it was well organised and the food was lovely”

Chloe H said “The best part of the award ceremony was when Julie, the lady who helped us with the project, won an award for being a great facilitator”

Aaron C said “When I was at the award ceremony I felt glad that one of our groups won an award as well as one of the facilitators who helped us – Julie Greener”

Emily W said “The awards evening was really fun and a great way to spend time with class mates and teachers outside of school to celebrate our hard work”