Trout Ticklers Update from Andrew Jackson

Next session at Higham Lake on 14 June from 8am – 4pm.

Well the first Trout Ticklers event is in the bag with a slightly disappointing turnout of 3 parents and 3 children from Chantry. Up until the day we were expecting seven parents and nine kids which would have made the day more worthwhile. I did receive a couple of last minute cry offs as children were still tired from Hawkhirst and others had SATS coming up.

However they do say it’s quality and not quantity that counts so it was great to see Josh Wade, Chloe Holmes and Joseph Jackson, all from year 5, braving the wind and rain to visit Fontburn Reservoir on a none too pleasant Sunday morning. Their enthusiasm soon countered the weather conditions and I am thrilled to announce that not only did Chloe Holmes catch her very first fish, but it was also the heaviest of the day at a whisker under 2lb, so well done Chloe. I was stood next to her, with her dad Phil and watching Chloe learn to cast was a really pleasure, I expect the Trout Ticklers have picked up their next life member!

Josh Wade was straight off the mark with the first fish of the day and soon had everyone around the lake talking. Again it was great to wander around the lake speaking to disgruntled fisherman who couldn’t even muster a smile, until I happened upon Josh and his dad Andrew. Josh’s smile said it all and his fish, whilst only just smaller than Chloe’s meant that he won the heaviest bag of the day. (winner of heaviest fish cannot win heaviest bag as well). Joseph Jackson tried a different approach with a spinning lure and chose his moment to perfection to hook into a whopper. Whilst all the older members of trout ticklers stood chatting next to Joseph a nice large trout took his lure. Unfortunately it was a case of “Fish on…….Fish off” as the leviathan showed itself once, shook it’s enormous head before disappearing back to the murky depths!

The enthusiasm from the kids (and parents) along with the knowledge and advice from the older members made this day a real success. Joseph had a 30 minute fly casting lesson with Barry, one of the qualified instructors who gave up his entire day to assist and teach. Joseph’s casting skills have improved tremendously, along with his enthusiasm. As a fisherman and Chantry Parent I cannot recommend this day enough to any parents and children who want to get involved with fishing, I for one learnt so much yesterday, and I have been doing it for 30 years!

This club does need more support in order to be a success, let us hope the news will soon spread around school and the next Trout Ticklers event will be better attended.