The Warning

By Joe Jeffrey and Jonathan Shek

The Invasion

Chapter one

“Mark get UP!” Mark’s mum shouted. Mark never liked mornings especially Monday mornings. His mom’s name was Laura. She always talked to her friends and she was very smiley, fair haired and had blue eyes. She used to be married until her husband was shot down by a german anti aircraft gun. Laura never spoke about him. No one spoke about him. Mark lived in a average sized cottage in the countryside with his brother who was called charlie. Charlie normally had his best friend over who was called James. He and James often played with figurines of British and German soldiers. They also talked a lot about what would happen if the Germans invaded… When they Invade.

“Lunchtime boys”, Laura shouted as she made Mark’s favourite egg mayonnaise sandwich. As Mark and his brother sat and ate Charlie was talking about having his friend over but when he called his friend he didn’t answer. How strange Charlie thought. His mum was busy chatting to James’ mum he thought about asking her about James. Maybe later charlie thought puzzled about what could’ve happened to James. But that didn’t matter as Mark wanted to play with charlie’s limited edition figurines. As they were playing their mum came up to their room. “Are you alright boys”, she mumbled still talking on the phone.”We’re doing fine thanks”, muttered the boys. “Hungry?”, said mark’s mum again. “No!”, said the boys a little agitated. When Mark’s mum Laura finished the call she came upstairs again.

“I was talking to James’ mum she said that James was at hospital from falling down the stairs and injuring his hip badly.” she said quietly.

Laura was on the phone, it was night time. Mark sat on the bottom of the stairs listening to what she said. Laura spoke quietly but Mark could understand what she was saying.

“Yeah come over tonight. My son is in bed just don’t make a lot of noise and leave for 6 am. OK? Good see you in an hour.”

She suddenly slammed the phone down then started to talk to herself

“Yes, Ben is going to be here soon. Oh i can’t wait for him to be here. At least Mark is asleep so he doesn’t know about the affair.”

An hour passed and there was a knock on the door

“Ben is here.” Mark whispered.

“Has she been cheating on Dad?”

“I better not mention it” Mark whispered.

Ben and Laura sat down and talked for a while until finally they decided to come upstairs. Mark ran to his room as Ben and Laura entered their bedroom…


Chapter 2

Now that Mark knew about the affair he thought he should keep quiet and not say anything. He really wanted to bring it up at breakfast but he just kept quiet.

There was no point of breaking up the family when the Nazis are threatening to invade.

“Führer ist es Zeit einzudringen”

The Germans were getting ready to invade.

Hitler walked onto a stage in front of all his soldiers.

The soldiers all shouted

“Heil Hitler!”

Hitler smiled and started to talk

“Meine Nazis, es ist an der Zeit, in diesen britischen Abschaum einzudringen und ihr Reich zu vernichten!”

He talked about invading England and crushing their empire. But the Russians had a different idea of the war

“Советники, мы должны помогать Бриттам защищаться от нацистской атаки и раздавить нацистскую империю с ними!”

Joseph Stalin was talking about helping the Brits defend against the Nazi attack but his plan would only work if he was quicker than the Nazis themselves…

Two weeks Later

The Russians made it to England before the Nazis but something seemed off about them getting here without trouble and before the Nazis.

The reason for them actually getting through without trouble was a major event. The Russians and the Germans made a deal. If the Russians betray the English the Germans will let them own half of Asia.

Stalin didn’t trust Hitler but Adolf did sign a Russian contract that he wouldn’t be able to destroy. Stalin thought it was a good deal so he agreed to it.

The only problem was that Hitler had secret plans to betray Stalin after they win the war. And Stalin knew it.

Stalin had known that if any deals were made he would still need an army just in case of attacks by the Nazis. So he made an army called “The Secret Soviet Party”. It was a Soviet Army made by him to protect against Nazi attack. He knew after the war he would have a big enough army to other throw the Nazis. But his plans weren’t to conquer the planet, unlike Hitler he just wanted Asia and Europe.

Chapter 3

Back at home….

“Mark come listen to the radio get your brother while you’re at it.” Shouted Laura. Mark told his brother and they went into the living room. “As we have heard the Nazis are going to invade our country. Can we ask for our fellow Brits to stay strong and fight back? Or are we going to perish to the Nazis? Your country needs you to stay strong. So please do.” As Laura, Mark and Charlie listened to the radio in horror they were stunned not knowing what to say. Then Charlie broke the silence and whimpered, “What are we going to do.” Laura did not say anything for 2 minutes. “We are in the countryside they probably won’t invade here there are no valuable stuff here. “But there is land, precious land they could build a fort there.” muttered Mark.

Before the war they used to go to a school 4 miles away Mark was smart kid compared to the other kids in the school. Mark had already thought what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wanted to be a great engineer.

His brother Charlie was also a smart kid. Mark always thought it ran through the family. As the war came Mark could not choose his subjects for his gcse paper he knew what subjects he would choose when the war ended. Hopefully it would end soon, Mark thought himself lucky because he lived in the countryside. The germans did not usually invade such a lonely place. But there was land. Mark thought land… he could build something but that would take forever like a large barrier. But where could he find the resources and there would be absolutely no shocking way that his mom would let him build such a thing. He just had to deal with the war.

Mark went upstairs to find his brother playing with he figurines so mark had decided to have a chat with him about the war and what they would do. It was so exciting thinking about what the germans next attack would be or if they attacked.


“Es ist an der Zeit, in England einzumarschieren und ihr Imperium ein für allemal zu zerstören!”. The Germans were about to invade England and were about to talk to the Soviet Russia’s leader, Joseph Stalin. And a deal might be made…

The End

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