The Mystery of Hell!

A group project story by Imogen Jackson and Coral Walmsley 8N

Chapter I: An Unexpected Discovery

Chapter II: Dinner Dilemma

Chapter III: New Found Love

Chapter IV: Captured

Chapter V: Reincarnation {Last Chapter}

Chapter I, An Unexpected Discovery

Moons ago there was a girl named Lisa. She was a devil that loved  watching people suffer and be hurt by her father named Lucifer. He was the king of Hell. Every year they had some fun by killing innocent people. It was time for the year to begin but one year she met a boy in the killing spree. He was a human and he was good but different he told her to stop and that she didn’t have to do this and that she could change.  She walked away but the boy was the last person to get killed so it was going to take a while; she had to think, first she thought that she could change and love…

A couple days later Lisa had been thinking that she looks normal but she isn’t. She can change and she will she just needs to make a plan, so Lisa made a plan to escape and save the boy she has some feelings for but she doesn’t know what feelings are. She has only recognized two emotions in the thirteen years she had been alive and she had been going through the house, the draws and everything! But she couldn’t find anything to make a plan with but then it came to Lucifer’s room. She didn’t DARE go into his room, it’s FORBIDDEN! A couple minutes later she couldn’t find anything but she then found a draw with a human newspaper in it from 2005. it said

“Lucifer, the Satan of the Underworld, has taken a six month old baby.” Lisa took a closer look at the newspaper but it was beyond her understanding. The six month old baby looked very familiar to her but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. And why did he kidnap the baby? Usually he would just kill babies without even looking at them nevermind kidnap them and do heaven knows what with them. To be honest, it would be a bit problematic if heaven knew what he was up to but back to the topic, who was that strange baby and where is it now? What did Lucifer ever do to it? And is the baby still here after all these years? Maybe it was Lisa’s adopted sibling all along? Lisa was so confused. Her mind was confuddled. But she eventually came to the conclusion that the baby is dead and it’s over and done with. All of a sudden Lisa snapped out of her mind as she heard a thumping up the stairs, it was her father and he was coming her way! Swiftly, she ran out of his room and over to her room, it would be disastrous if her father was to find out that she was snooping around in his room…

Chapter II, Dinner Dilemma

Later that night Lisa and her father sat and ate dinner in an awkward silence. Lisa wanted to ask her father about the strange newspaper article she found in his drawer.

“Father, can I ask you something…about a newspaper article.” Lisa asked. Her father went silent and stared at her for a while. She soon got the image that her father did not want her to mention that. Her father also looked slightly confused. She stopped and then continued to eat her fish soup.

The next evening at dinner they were eating a special kind of spaghetti called ‘Cimorelli’. She asked about the newspaper article again and she just got the same response from her father, silence and a grim look. The next evening came by. Lisa brought up the topic again and all she got was the same again, silence. The next five nights went by and she asked about the article in each of them and all she got was the same response; silence. One night then came by, it was just before dinner and Lisa carefully scooted into her father’s chambers and into his bedroom. She went up to the drawer and carefully opened it, it didn’t make but a slight peep. She carefully removed the article from the drawer and ran back down to her own chambers and hid the article.

“Lisa! You’re dinner is served!” Her father shouted with a cymbal. Lisa trodden down the stairs and into the dining room. Tonight they were having bubble and squeak! Yummy! Lisa asked her father once more about the article and all he responded with was silence.

“Look father, I’m sick of you not telling me! Look!” Lisa said as she showed him the article. “I found it in your drawer and you can’t keep lying to me!” She accidentally said. She didn’t mean to say that! “Lisa you stupid fool!” She thought to herself. Her father took a look at the article and a gigantic

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!” Came out of his mouth. Lisa jumped. She shouldn’t have told him. Her father looked at her very annoyed and and then he grunted. He walked away into the darkness very mysteriously. Lisa was so confused.

Chapter III New Found Love

Lisa decided to get away from her father, she sat underneath a tree next to a pond. She looked into the distance and saw a figure walking towards her…it was Theo…with a smile on his face he walked up to her

“What is wrong with you?” he asked her. She looked back and said “My dad he is not telling me the truth about my life!” with tears falling down her face she ran away somewhere he would not find her! But…. Her dad found her and approached her from the shadows. “GO AWAY! You never tell me the truth! You lie and lie to my face all the time! You never listen to me! You do not care about me at all!” He gave her a dirty look.

“You are coming home with me!” Said he, in a dark voice.


“I AM YOUR FATHER YOU DUCK-FACED SHRIMP!” Replied he, Lisa felt a wave of sock and felt tears in her eyes. Her father stared at her with a dark frown. Lisa sobbed and ran off to find Theo, she remembered that he would always be there if she needed him even though she barely knew the boy. He was the only one she loved and could trust. She ran off to find him, she didn’t know where he would be or where to go. She looked around and saw the golden sun set beneath the shamrock hills. She saw a silhouette of what looked as a small town in the small distance. She saw a man’s finger and it was Lucifer….with….Theo…

Chapter IV, Captured!

Theo was trapped in the arms of Lucifer with his mouth covered by Lucifer’s colossal mits. Theo struggled to breathe. Lisa was so shocked!

“Theo!” She screamed in terror! Lucifer looked at her in anger and this wasn’t your average everyday anger, Lucifer had reached advanced scrunch face levels! Lisa tried to run after her taken love but she was too late, Lucifer opened a portal and jumped in, taking Theo with him! Lisa had not a clue where he took her, but she had a feeling that it was somewhere deep beneath the underworld…

Lisa went back to her fortress in the underworld and into her chambers, she only needed two things, a lantern and a map of the underworld. She easily found a lantern as she kept one on top of her dresser and she found a map on the dashboard in the main room. She ignited her lantern, got her map and went down deep beneath the underworld. The deeper down she went, the dimmer her vision got. She approached a long dark corridor. She decided to follow her gut and go down it. It seemed like the further she went down it, the longer the corridor got, she finally reached the end! She found a large crystal ball at the end. She had no idea what it was, it was a clear glass ball with a gold, diamond encrusted base. She thought that it would take her to Theo. She asked it,

“Take me to Theo, oh great crystal ball…please…” It shone brightly and took her to a small dungeon, the only light source being her lantern and another crystal ball just like it.

“Lisa…” Said a familiar voice, she had found her lost love…

Chapter V, Reincarnation {Last Chapter}

Lisa quickly took a bobby pin from her hair and freed Theo from his cell, she and Theo got close to each other and held hands, Theo opened his mouth as if he were to say something but just as he was, Lucifer interrupted.

“Lisa! My offspring! You know fine well that these parts of the kingdom are well out of your domain!” Said Lucifer! Theo backed up behind Lisa and she had no idea what to do as Lucifer looked just like he was about to have a rampage at Theo. Lisa quickly looked around and then remembered the crystal ball and looked around for it, she saw it and approached it,

“All mighty crystal ball, take all hell and evil from this world and destroy it, destroy it all!” Lisa said and then everything went white in her and Theo’s vision. Lucifer was destroyed everything that Lisa once called home was destroyed. Everything in Lisa’s vision then blacked out…

June 29th 2005, 3:00pm in the hospital and a baby girl had just been born. Her name was Lisa, her eyes shone like crystal balls.

“Welcome to the world, my daughter” Her mother said as she welcomed her to a beautiful planet named earth, a planet free of evil and satan. Lisa had done it, she had created a loop in time to erase all instances of Lucifer and her kidnapping and was now living a happy life and it’s all thanks to the crystal ball….

The End