The Greatest Showman Review

The Greatest Showman is about P.T.Barnum, a man who worked in an office, only to find it closes down due to a Chinese ship sinking, making him sell it for a building to open his own “museum of curiosities.” After certain events, he hires “freaks” to join his museum, calling it a circus after a reviewfrom the mst critical of all critics. After a turn of events and a memorable amount of songs, The Greatest Showman is sure to be the movie of the year.

T. Barnum was a real man, although the movie isn’t actually factually correct. First of all, P. T. Barnum was not 40 when he opened the circus, he was 70. Additionally in real life, he lost his wife due to an unknown illness. People tend to say he was an evil man; a villain, but you can make your own mind up!

If you’re looking for a good sing-a-long you must see this masterpeice of a film which we definitely recommended to everyone. You will leave singing your heart out!


By Eva Dunphy and Izzy Ellerbrook, 6C