The Cursed Birthday


By Alexandra Shepherd, 6L


Our story begins the night before Milly’s 13th birthday. Nobody could have guessed what was about to happen to this helpless family…

Any girl and boy would be excited for their birthday. But not me, the truth is my birthday is cursed! Last year my brother snapped his leg. The year before that my mum went to hospital. And the year before that … well my dad passed away and it was all my fault, if i hadn’t been born on Friday the 13th none of this would have happened and my dad would still be here and my brother would have been ok and my mum wouldn’t have gone to hospital. I can tell something is going to happen tomorrow. I have affected everyone in my family except me so although this is my first diary entry it may very well be my last…



Dear Diary,

                  Its a minute before midnight a minute before the dreaded birthday starts. My family is all asleep except me. I’m terrified. sweat dripping from my face. MIDNIGHT. I close my eyes but all that happens is hear the pitter patter of rain starting. In the distance i hear the snore of my mum and brother this settles me but just incase i think i’ll go and sleep with mum just for tonight.


Milly went to her mums room gathered her blankets then slowly fell asleep on the floor of her mother’s bedroom. Milly’s house was a small flat down a small alleyway at the back of the town it only had 4 rooms one sitting room one kitchen one bedroom and one bathroom so they all slept in different parts of the house they used to live in a lovely big house in london as her dad had an amazing job but when her dad passed away the money went down and they were forced to live in this little flat. Milly had never liked the little flat but she never had the courage to complain; in fact since her father passed away Milly didn’t speak at all.



Dear diary,

Everyone is waking up now i can hear the footsteps of my mum coming probably to sing happy birthday not excited at all anything could happen.


In came millys mum she opens her mouth to sing happy birthday but then her phone rings she picks it up as she is taking her smile turns to a frown.

“We need to go, your Grandma is in trouble!” said Mum.

Then Mum turns away and walks out without even a little birthday hug.



Dear diary,

I cant put up with this anymore. it’s not fair on me, it’s not fair on my family! i’m running away and that’s final, i don’t want anyone else to get hurt especially not my grandma, so i’ll run away before things get to bad.


Milly’s decision was made she was running away she opened her bedroom window and slipped out. She was free she ran and ran down the street and into the woods. Milly was sure she was going the right way but but as soon as she turned the corner realised that actually maybe she hadn’t thought this through she sat down beside a tall, old but mysterious tree and began to write.



Dear Diary,

I’ve done it now i’ve really done it although i miss my mum and brother at least I know they will be safe but for me i’m not so sure.

Milly stood up brushed her self off and set off once again it was only just come morning but she was already very tired so she began to make a small shelter from a nearby tree. It took her about half an hour and when she was done she fell to the ground as she was so tired and slept for the rest of the day which was good because what was going to happen the next day was something she would never forget…


5:00 am

Dear diary

I have just woke up. I think i have been sleeping for about 21 hours that seems impossible its way colder than yesterday and i’m freezing in my pyjama shorts and top i really miss mummy and teddy my brother i’m going to get up soon and try to find some better shelter.

Milly once again stood up her legs numb from laying in a uncomfortable position and began to walk it was freezing now but she was still happy because her birthday was now officially over. However she is very confused and unaware of were she was her house was now destroyed (the house she made last night not her old proper house). She walked for quite a while, around lunch time until she came across this…



Dear Diary

I’ve been walking for hours my legs are killing so i have decided to sit down and write i’m outside this strange old building fairly big it looks creepy but if no one lives here then surely i can make it my own i’m going to go inside and claim this house my own.

She got up and walked towards the house…


Part Two – Mum

Hello I’m Milly’s mum. She always had it in her head that her birthday is cursed but i never thought she would run away everything happened for a reason her brother broke her leg on his bike. I went to hospital because i went to see my mum and her dad died of  well it’s not important . What is important is I don’t have any idea where milly is. Anyway let me tell you my side of the story.

It was around midnight when I heard milly wake up she must of had a nightmare is what I thought to myself so I decided to go back to sleep I woke up about 7:00 and went to see milly on her 13th birthday when I got the phone call  from her grandma it was quite a shock but she wasn’t hurt she had just flushed her shoe down the toilet.

When went back in to give her her birthday hug she was gone, out the window I presume I didn’t know what to do I called the police rapidly they came but said they could do nothing but search they said they would come back the next day so I  couldn’t do anything i had lost my baby girl on her 13th birthday.


Part 3 – Milly

Dear diary

I’m not quite sure what time it is all i know is i’m in the house now and it’s dark,very dark and i’m scared,very scared.

I’m going to go to sleep now because i’m tired again so see you when i wake up.

Milly fell asleep and although she thought she was alone maybe what she had first thought was quite what she imagined. That night at 3:00 am the terrors began to happen she awoke to someone tapping her on the shoulder. Slowly she opened one eye then another to discover an old rotting but clear and ghost. A loud scream began but suddenly stopped. She noticed the voice.

“Dad?” Milly questioned.

“Yes baby its me!” replied the ghost.

A tear slowly dripped down her cheek.

She went to hug her dad but found she couldn’t.

“It’s impossible you can’t hug a ghost you’re a mortal!” the ghost spoke softly.

“I want you Dad!”

Slowly the ghost magict up a mysterious stick.

“It’s your decision you can go back home to mum… or you can join me?”

“I don’t know Dad!”

“Well i’ll make the decision for you.”

And with that she fell to the floor dead.

“I’m glad you did that dad!” said a mysterious voice as Milly and her dad flew off into the night.