Student Voice

At Chantry, every student forms part of our Student Voice. Each class elects a representative at the start of the year to speak on their behalf. Congratulations to this year’s members who were voted in, in September.

Student Council Members

Year 5 : Connor Chiddy, Harry Hoggan, Sydney Ramm, Evie Rogers

Year 6 : Ellie Brown, Callum Woodcock, Ellie Cape, Jason Crumplin

Year 7 : Adam Herne, Kate O’Halloran, Olivia Carrick, Tegan Connolly

Year 8 : Phoebe Hoggan, Henry McGrady, Ella Buckley, Harry Bertram

Through Student Voice, we intend to give our pupils the opportunity to have a say in what happens in school by contributing their thoughts and opinions, and make a difference to other people’s lives through our ongoing charity work.

Representatives meet each month and a newsletter is also produced on a regular basis to keep parents, pupils and staff informed as to what is happening with Chantry Student Voice.