Spelling Bee Success!

Three of our Y7 Francophones took part in the regional round of the French Spelling Bee this week.  They faced pupils from different schools all over the North-East in a bid to spell as many French words correctly as possible in one minute, using the French alphabet.  They all performed outstandingly, improving on their accomplishments in earlier heats.  The MFL department is delighted to announce that Izzy came 4th overall and will now compete in the Nationals Final in Cambridge in July.  Bravo les petits!

“I really enjoyed the whole Spelling Bee experience and it gave me a chance to learn lots of new vocabulary.  It took a great deal of practise but I think my efforts definitely paid off.  It was a nerve wracking but amazing day and I would encourage all of next year’s Y7 pupils to give it a go.”  Eva

“Taking part in the Bee was an enlightening experience and it improved both my French and my confidence.  Taking part in the regional round was fairy scary but in a good way!  I am not a particularly sporty person so I thought this was a great opportunity for me to do something in which my strengths lie.”  Izzy

“For me, the Spelling Bee was a chance to represent the school and I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.  I learned that I am stronger at languages than I thought I was!  It proved to me that if I put my mind to it and stay dedicated, I can do it!  I know that in Year 8, there is a translation event and I would love to give that go.”  Ben