Parental Questionnaire

Thank you to those parents and carers who took time to complete our parent questionnaire which was sent out towards the end of the Autumn Term. We received an overwhelming number of positive responses. Thank you for your support.

Below is a summary of the results. Your views are very important to us and the questionnaires have highlighted certain areas which you feel the school could improve, which we are currently taking into account and addressing. We are delighted that so many responses are entirely positive and where there are individual concerns we hope you can come and talk to us as we want to address any issues.

 All figures are given in percentages  December 2015 – 19%  response
 Indicated a positive  response
 December 2016 – 24%  response
 Indicated a positive  response
 My child enjoys school  97  97
 My child feels safe at school  100  96
 Staff keep me informed about my child’s progress  94  88
 My child is making good progress  100  99
 Teaching is good at Chantry  100  99
 Chantry helps me to support my child’s learning  99  89
 Chantry encourages my child to lead a healthy lifestyle  96  92
 Chantry prepares my child for the future  100  99
 Chantry meets my child’s needs  100  95
 The staff at Chantry deals effectively with any  unacceptable behaviour  94  94
 Chantry takes account of the views of their parents  97  93
 Overall I am happy with the experience my child has  had at Chantry  98  95
 The school is well led and managed  99  98