Oxford Host Muggle Quidditch World Cup

If you are a lover of Harry Potter like we are, you will be surprised to hear what the UK have made of the famous book series by JK Rowling.

Yes, it’s true, real Muggles playing real Quidditch…

Quidditch involves 7 players: one keeper, one seeker, two beaters and three chasers. Players have to hold a broomstick in between their legs and hop around the pitch. In the game, a quaffle is used and players have to try to get it through the opposite teams hoop. There is also the snitch which the seeker has to catch and once the seeker does catch it, it ends the game.

This year, Oxford is holding the Quidditch world cup and thirty two teams are competing at the National Competition on the 24/25 March. Quidditch is sort of like rugby and dodgeball but also much different. The sport was introduced in 2005, inspired by the books by JK Rowling released in 1997.

Naomi and Georgia (Year 7)