My Mind-blowing trip to Minecon 2015!

MineconA few weeks ago now, I had my first trip to Minecon (a huge convention for the game popular game, Minecraft) in London. My dad and I went on the train to London, then caught the tube to our hotel and got some rest.

The next day, we got our passes and went to Minecon! We had a great time in the Expo Hall and saw all of the upcoming merchandise. We went to the ‘Think Geek’ stall to buy some cool merchandise. After that, we went to the ‘Jinx’ stall and bought some cool Minecraft t-shirts.

After all the excitement, we went to a burger bar to get some food. Luckily, we then saw all of the YouTubers and even got some autographs! There were several events like ‘Stampy and Friends’ on the giant main stage. Here, we were greeted by Lydia Winters, the presenter from Mojang. Then we went to the panels which were very fun. After that, we went home to get some sleep.

I do not know yet when Minecon 2016 will be, but I would recommend anyone else who loves Minecraft like me to go!

By Cole Thompson, 6C.