Magistrates’ Court Mock Trials 2019

The Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial is a competition in which teams from multiple schools compete to get the most points to allow them to move on to the next round. A team consists of thirteen members: three magistrates, one legal advisor, two defence lawyers, two prosecution lawyers, one defence witness, two prosecution witnesses, one defendant and one usher.

The team has got to work together to make sure everything is in order. The magistrates have got to listen intently and take notes of everything that’s happening, and also decide if the evidence declares that the suspect is guilty of the crime or not. The witnesses and defendant are cross examined by the lawyers, who will try to make them stumble and fall over their words. The usher is like the glue to the team; they have to make sure that everybody is in the correct place at the correct time.

Each member is scored out of ten on their performance and the team with the most points moves onto the next round.

In the Mock Trial, there are three rounds. First of all, there is the Local Heat. There is one team from each competition that goes through to the the next round, and competes against the other team that won the other Local Heat Competitions. Those teams would then compete in a Regional Competition and the team that wins that competition would then compete in the National Competition that has sometimes been held in London!

Since the team was selected, they have been preparing for the Mock Trials that are going to take place on the 23rd March. Recently, we interviewed our teacher, Mr Warner, who is coaching the team presently, to find out about the Mock Trials from his point of view…

Q1. How did you first find out about the Mock Trials.

  1. one of the other teachers used to do it and they told me about it.

Q2. What is the most enjoyable part of the trials from a teacher’s point of view?

  1. It’ great to see their progress.

Q3. How many years have you taken part in the Mock Trials?

A 8/9 years.

Q4. Do you feel confident this year?

  1. Yes.

Q5. Why / why not?

  1.    Because the students are very good

Q6. Do you feel ready?

  1. We’re on track, so we’ll be should ready on the day.

Q7. Do you think we will win this year?

  1. Of course  

By Naomi, Elspeth and Lexie, Year 8