Is the future going to use emojis in court?

Lawyers are asking for judges to learn the meaning of all emojis.

Emojis are a new way of messaging and expressing your feelings through a face or image. New emojis are introduced every year and 157 were introduced in 2018. They started off with a simple smile but now there are emojis for nearly everything from transport to flags, to household items they guarantee at least one emoji is useful for every topic/message.

However senior lawyers are thinking that emojis are being secretly used to communicate about illegal or inappropriate topics that they come across day to day. If this is the case they have requested that al court workers, especially judges, are to know the meaning of every emoji. If it works they will be able to catch out criminals and discover what the have been messaging. However the emoji could mean more than one thing and the could be accused of something they never said. Could this work?

By Gabrielle, Year 7