French Spelling Bee Third Round

spell_beeYear 7 French pupils – Ethan Monaghan, Elliot Tolman, Grace Tomlin and Josh Williams –  went to Newcastle University last week to take part in the third round of the French Spelling Bee.

Unfortunately the team didn’t make it through to the national finals but they all did amazingly, spelling both confidently and accurately. Grace and Ethan took part in one of the nail biting tiebreakers to try and earn a place in one of the day’s semi-final heats.  “The Spelling Bee was a really fun experience and I especially enjoyed competing against other schools.  I was really happy I made it through to a tiebreaker as I became more confident with each round.” Grace Tomlin.

“The regional heats were definitely a lot harder than the rounds in school.  I didn’t make it beyond the tiebreaker but I was proud of what I achieved on the day.”  Ethan Monaghan

“Taking part in the Spelling Bee gave me a chance to learn a lot of new words and test my knowledge against my friends’.  I loved the competitive element of it.”  Josh Williams

“The Spelling Bee was a challenging yet rewarding experience and learning the words was actually good fun!  Even though I didn’t make it past the third round, I had a great day out and my French has definitely improved.”  Elliot Tolman