French Spelling Bee Finals

Year 7’s Rebecca Watson took a trip to Cambridge last week to compete in the National Final of the French Spelling Bee in Cambridge.  She spelled accurately and confidently and could not have done any better. We are very proud of her accomplishments both on the day and throughout the whole tournament. She has put in a tremendous amount of effort and shown immense dedication over the last six months. To have been one of the last 40 pupils out of 20 000 across Great Britain is an astounding achievement. Rebecca was accompanied to Cambridge by Alice Hepton who supported her all the way and helped her with some practise sessions.

Rebecca : “I found my adventure to Cambridge both exciting and inspiring.  I was incredibly nervous for the competition as it was the grand final and there were people from all over the country there.  I am happy with how I did and although the final stages were daunting,  the experience was very worthwhile – I look forward to helping mentor next year’s competitors.  We also got a chance to look around Cambridge and visit the Fitzwilliam museum which had a variety of artefacts from many centuries.  It was really impressive.”

Alice : “I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to join Rebecca in Cambridge.  I thought she was absolutely amazing with her spellings.  It was the first time I had visited Cambridge and found being on the university campuses really inspiring, particularly the King’s College site.  It has actually inspired me to go there to do my degree.”