Fortnite Game Review

Over 3.4 million people play Fortnite globally at one time and as of December it has had over 40 million downloads. Out of our friends on xbox and Playstation over ¾ of them play Fortnite.

Due to popular demand, epic games are developing a mobile version of the game so you can play where you want. In Fortnite you have two game modes; Save The World and Battle Royale. The Battle Royale is free to everyone!!!

Fortnite has a currency called Vbucks which you can spend on ingame items in both modes. You can purchase skins, gliders, emotes and harvesting tools. The BattlePass is a seasonal event where you level up in tiers and get rewards for every time you ready up. This season (season 3) has 100 levels with six skins to unlock!

In Save The World you fight off monsters of all kinds such as husks, pitchers and sploders. The story is that a sudden worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear as zombie like creatures attack the survivors. Each mission, the game randomly generates maps and the player needs to collect resources in order to build fortifications around objectives that help fight the storm and protect survivors.                            

In Fortnite Battle Royale you go up against 99 other players in order to be the last one standing you jump out of a “Battle Bus” and skydive down to the ground to your choice of landing on the map.

Once you reach a certain height you pull out your chosen glider once you land you have to find guns and try to kill people after one minute there will be a ring and you have to go to the in the ring and after a certain amount of time the storm will move in and if you go in the storm you will slowly die so it is making it so people fight each other.

Freddie and Cole (Year 8)