Fishing at Thrunton – Saturday 14th May

FullSizeRender (2)What a day! The sun was shining, the fish were jumping and the lodge at Thrunton was full of Trout Ticklers eager to go! Students from Chantry and Newminster arrived with their parents in tow for what was to be a great morning’s fishing.

We monopolised the top bank of the far lake where we all stood, casting our flies into the murky depths . Four instructors were on hand and in no time at all, the students were casting like professionals. The parents were very positive about the day and commented on the facilities and service we received from Thrunton Fisheries. Sport was slow but started to pick up near the end with two trout taken.

Well done to Elliot G, who caught a 2lb fish, which he returned to the water, and to Scott A, who also caught a 2lb fish, who was taken home to eat for supper!

Well done to everyone who attended and special mention to; Chloe H – a stalwart TT member and very enthusiastic! Nathaniel H – a very determined caster! Conall F – an excitable fisher! Joseph J – great casting, in a great spot, great determination – better luck next time.

It is hoped there will be a further opportunity to fish at Thrunton on Saturday 25th June – watch this space for further information!