Darkness My Friend

By Jayden Burt, 8J

I was only twelve when this happened to me. The shock of my life. When the truth revealed itself, but I won’t get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning…

I was excited like every other twelve year old would be. Who wouldn’t be excited at the end of summer? Study hard. Have fun, no worries. Unless there was a secret. A secret that was untold.

I woke up on a Friday morning, school had just ended yesterday. I didn’t really like school. I had no friends. That didn’t stop me though, I still worked hard. I tried my best in all of my lessons. Well in most of them at least. I hated science and it wasn’t the lesson I hated, it was the teacher. I know he hated me too. He liked everyone else it was obvious. So bubbly and jumpy it disgusts me.

OH!! I am sorry I still haven’t introduced my name yet. I am called Indi. No I am not a boy, I am a girl. That is one reason why I had no friends. It is an odd reason, but I had to deal with it. Any way back to the story.

The teacher is called Mr Butcher (I call him Mr Hell). He always makes me feel horrible by saying my name wrong, giving me bad test answers and picking on me even though my hand isn’t up. If my hand isn’t up I don’t know the answer. I put my hand up before when I did know the answer and you didn’t pick on me, yet you pick on me now when I don’t. To me it makes no sense at all.

But this story isn’t about Mr Hell, is it? It is about what happened to me at the beginning of school. The shock of my life. A girl was in my room. She was blonde like me. Had blue eyes like me. She was the same height as me. Like my twin but a few differences. She stood at the corner of my room with a twisted face. She looked lost, maybe a little bit confused. I froze in fear and so many questions rushed into my head. Who was she? How old was she? What was she doing here? How did she get in? Did she need help? More and more flooding my mind. I had to say something.

“Hello?” questioned the little girl. She replied, “Hello, my name is Diana, I am 12 years old I have no idea where I am.” I was shocked. I told her where she was, who I was and many more things about my life. It was nice to talk to someone who listened. Who understood everything I was going through? I didn’t even know anything about her, except what she told me before. Finally, I took a quick glimpse at the time. I was REALLY late. I quickly pushed Diana out of my room, put my school clothes on, brushed my hair, and brushed my teeth and all that stuff.

She asked if she could come. I stopped, slowly turned around and answered with sure. I was regretting the answer as soon as I said it. More questioned popped into my head. Was that the right answer? Will I get told off at school? What will my mother say? More and more questions. I had to stop thinking and start going. As in going to school I was really scared in case I was going to be late. Relieved, I was not late. For some reason my mother said nothing about Diana. Diana was so quiet the whole time. Not even a peep out of her.

At school, everything was normal no one even talked to Diana. Still Diana didn’t speak. So at break I walked over to her dragged her to the corner where nobody can see us, and I asked if she was having fun. All she did is nod. Awkward silence fell upon us. I didn’t want to ask if she could actually talk to me, but I think I would have to. So I did. “Can you please talk to me?” I whisper shouted. She looked at me in surprise. Her mouth dropped open, I suddenly felt really bad for whisper shouting. Suddenly, she started to me though. She answered every question I had in my head. I was shocked, and I didn’t know how she knew all of the questions in my head. She also said some stuff about herself that I didn’t know. It was really helpful to know who she was and what she was like. After the conversation I felt like we were best friends. I was wondering (in my head) if she knew why no one looked at her and talked to her. She answered my question AGAIN! She whispered, “I am invisible to everyone else except you, the reason is something I cannot tell, but you will know in the future…” what did she mean by that? And is she really invisible? To be honest I didn’t care if she was invisible or anything else, I actually had a friend! A “bestie”, as I heard the popular people say as I walked past them with my head ducked so they can’t see me.

When I got home I grabbed Diana by the arm, dragged her upstairs and pinned her down on the floor. I asked her the question, what can you not tell me? She stared at me in disbelief, as i grabbed the front of her t-shirt, but still nothing was said. I finally gave up after at least 10 minutes. I let go of her and she did something indescribable she jumped inside of my head…

I saw me as a baby, crying so hard I could probably have thrown up (luckily I didn’t). I saw a woman on the ground with a knife through her chest. A man walked in and started freaking out. He pulled the knife from the woman’s chest and stabbed himself in the head. There was so much blood everywhere, all over me, all over the walls and even on the ceiling. It was hell. Even more questions popped into my head. What was happening? Who is that woman? Who is that man? What happened? Do I know them?

Suddenly, I was back in my room on the floor, so exhausted i could barely breathe. I looked at Diana in disbelief. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. I notice something. Something I was in shock about for at least 5 minutes… DIANA WAS THE LADY ON THE FLOOR DEAD!! My eyes shut as fast as lightning, I wrapped my arms around Diana and gave her a big hug. I sat her down and gave her a glass of water. “Indi…” she said. I hoped that she was going to tell me good news like: you got an A+ in maths or you don’t have to go to school anymore, but no. she whispered, “that lady on the floor was your mother. That means I am…your mother!”. I was in shock. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to come out of my chest.

Diana grabbed my arm and a flash of light appeared before my eyes. I was outside of a house. The house I was i before. I walked through the gate to the window of the house to see Diana as her older self being beat up by the man i saw in my other flashback. He threw her to the ground and started punching her and slapping her. I was shouting threw the widow for him to stop. He didn’t even give a glimpse at me. I don’t think he could hear me, or see me for that matter. He stopped when she was crying in pain. Suddenly, she passed out. I started to cry shouting her name, “DIANA! NO PLEASE!”  The man walked towards the window and closed the curtains so I couldn’t see her anymore. I was in shock. To know that my biological dad was an abusive man was dreadful.

We teleported back into my room. Diana looked at me in despair. A single tear rolled down her face. I ran downstairs to see my ‘mother’. I asked her a single question… who is my real mother. She dropped the vase she was dusting and her face turned as white as a ghost. She sat down on the sofa and told me to sit down as well. I sat at least a few centimetres away from her. She told me the story of how she met me. I knew most of it except for what she heard and what she saw and smelled, etc.

My ‘dad’ bust open the door to my house. And ran upstairs because I had been crying for days apparently. He saw my real mom and dad on the floor dead. He saw me in a cradle malnourished. He picked me up and ran outside of the house as fast as he could. My ‘mother’ was waiting outside for a long time when she decided to come in as her husband was taking his time, as she thought. She walked in to see blood everywhere she stepped. She had no idea what to do she walked by the stair to see her husband running downstairs with me in his arms. He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her outside of the house so fast everything around her looked a blur. The door slammed behind them. They all fell over to the shocking sound of the door.

That is what happened the night they found me. I told them about Diana and what happened before they found me. Surprisingly, they believed me. I think?  I am not really sure, but they did not all the way through my story. I talked and talked until I was done. They told me to get in the car straight away, I was scared they were going to bring me a a mental hospital or something. Suddenly, we pulled up to a street which looked familiar. It was the house where my parents were.

All the windows were smashed, graffiti was everywhere you looked. It was like a horror house that you would see at a Halloween fair or something. I got out the car and started walking towards the front door. It was, for some reason,  locked and I didn’t know how to get in. the door wouldn’t budge. Looking to my left, I saw a broken window which i could crawl into. I slowly walked towards the window, I was scared for my life (if you didn’t know that).  I was in! Quietly, I tiptoed towards the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs i saw Diana at the top, standing there. I rushed towards her, the faster I ran the father away she seemed. I ran and ran until she was standing in front of me i was about to give her a big hug when she disappeared into thin air. I started to hear voices the closer I got to the room that was my old one.

I saw something my life could never un-see ever. It was my mom (Diana) lying there on the floor next to my dad. I fell to floor in shock and anger. The next thing i did is something i have no idea is good or if it was bad because what I did is stab my dad in the stomach more times than I can count, with tears of anger dripping on to the dead body I screamed. Suddenly, I realised what I was doing. I dropped the knife as I shook in fear of who i was becoming. I didn’t like who I was, what was happening to me. Half of my body said don’t and the other half said yes, so I did it. I grabbed the knife with two hands, closed my eyes and the last thing I whispered was, “night night…” and bam I was gone. Forever, and ever.

You might be wondering where I am writing this, well I am writing this in a dark place. A place of fears. I am writing this in hell!

The End

For now…