Instrumental/Vocal tuition with Music Partnership North Autumn Term 2019

We would like to offer students the opportunity to take part in instrumental / vocal music lessons in school starting in the autumn term.




Northumbrian pipes

Percussion (drum kit)


Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Bass)




Brass (trumpet, cornet, trombone, tuba, horn, baritone)



Please note that other instruments may be available if viable group sizes can be achieved. If your child wishes to learn an instrument not listed above, then please contact Music Partnership North to discuss further.

Lessons take place weekly, during the school day, either individually or in groups of up to 4 and are of 30 minutes duration. We deliver up to 33 lessons over the academic year.

The cost of tuition equates to £6.25 per lesson for a shared lesson or £17.50 for an individual lesson. We have a limited number of instruments for hire, although we do not hire percussion or keyboards. The cost of instrument hire is £23.00 per term unless your child qualifies for free school meals or is a looked after child in which case hire is free. Additional costs will need to be considered such as the purchase of a tutor book, valve oil for a brass instrument and replacement strings for violins. Please visit our website at, for full terms and conditions and additional information on instrument hire.

Parents wishing to purchase an instrument can do so through us without paying VAT. This is called an Assisted Purchase Scheme and details of this can be found on our website together with links to various organisations who may be able to offer financial assistance.

If you would like to register your child for lessons then please visit Once you have completed the registration process we will allocate your child to a lesson and forward details of the day and time and how lessons can be paid for.  This information will be sent out at the start of the autumn term. Registration must be completed before 7th September 2019.

If you have any questions concerning tuition or registration, please contact Lesley Scott at the office on 01670 624045.

Please note the steel pan lessons are provided by a different supplier and you need to sign up for them separately. Please see Ms Jones if you need further details about this.

‘World of Work’ conference for Year 8

On Wednesday the 23rd of May students visited Kirkley Hall for our ‘World of Work’ conference as part of our whole school Careers Education, Information & Guidance (CEIAG) programme. Students got the opportunity to take part in some of the workshops below:



Tax Facts

Student Life

Preferred Learning Styles & Personality Types

Trust Expansion Consultation

Over the course of the last year the Board of The Three Rivers Learning Trust and the Governing Bodies of schools within the Morpeth Education Partnership have been exploring the most beneficial way forward for schools that have expressed an interest in joining the Learning Trust.

Please click here to see the letter to parents/carers.

You can also find a Frequently Asked Questions document here.

Consultation begins today, Monday 9 October until Monday 13 November at 4pm.

Year 6 in Kingswood

Enterprise Day & ‘The Wedding’

IMG_2604The whole school took part in an Enterprise Day on Friday the 7th of April. The theme for the day was ‘The Wedding’.

All classes worked in six teams to tackle the challenge of attracting a couple to celebrate their wedding at a hotel.

Students had to consider everything from the food, entertainment costs, cake, decorations, stationary, room hire and photography. All students had a role in their group and the Financial Wizards of the group worked on the final customer quote by working out total costs, price per person and profit.

The activity was run in collaboration with Northumberland Education Business Partnership and local Business Ambassadors. Student feedback from the day was extremely positive and the Business Ambassadors were complimentary about the school and said that it had been a pleasure to work with our students.

Austria 2019

Over seventy Year 7s spent a week in Austria from 6th July-13th July 2019. It was an early start of 6.30am on the Saturday morning as we made our way to Dover and then travelled through France, Belgium, Luxumbourg and Germany overnight before arriving in Wagrain, Austria. In excess of 30 hours travel and 1,000 miles were covered to get us to Hotel Oberwimm where we stayed for five nights.

The children took part in a range of activities and excursions which included tobogganing in Flachau, white water rafting at Schaldming, paddle boarding, kayaking and high ropes at Lake Flachau as well as sailing and tubing on Lake Wolfgang. We also visited the local water park in Wagrain, Hallein Saltmine and a ride on a mountain train up the Schafberg Mountain to a height of 1,783 metres. The views were beyond breathtaking and staff and children had great fun!

A fantastic week was had by all and we are so very proud of all of the children for overcoming their fears and taking advantage of the fantastic experiences on offer. We are especially proud that we were complimented on the manners and enthusiasm of our children. They are a credit to themselves and the school.

A parent said “Can you please pass on our thanks to all those involved in the Austria trip – my daughter has had an absolutely amazing time and we are very grateful to all the teachers and everyone for all their efforts in making this an experience for them to remember!”

Alex S said “I enjoyed Austria very much. It was an amazing residential but I was nervous before we left. However, everyone was really kind and I overcame many of my fears. My favourite activity tobogganing because it was like a roller-coaster that you controlled. However, I enjoyed and gave everything a try.”

Maisie N said “The thing I enjoyed most about Austria was the paddle boarding. Even though I fell off a few times, I came first in the race. Another thing I enjoyed was the white water rafting because I love doing water activities and boating. I nearly fell out of the boat but it was an exciting and fun experience to have!”
Mary A said “I recommend Austria because it was very exciting doing activities not usually included in school trips, such as: tobogganing (like a train or roller-coaster down a mountain); white water rafting (a large inflatable that goes over rapids down a river) and also the Salt Mines which as well as learning about history was also fun. Something that sets Austria apart from other trips is the independence you gain. You also get a trip to Salzburg where you can go shopping. I highly recommend it, all the activities are very entertaining and enjoyable and it is a very beautiful place in the mountains.”

Mini Police 2018/19

The Mini police were presented with certificates today by PCSO Johnston for their excellent work over the past year.  This has included attending community events such as the Morpeth switching on of the Christmas Lights and Alive in Blyth.  They have also visited the police helicopter, the control room at Ponteland and Bedlington Police Station where they were locked in the cells!!  They also went into Morpeth with the speed camera and caught 70 people speeding!  We are very grateful to PCSO Johnston for his hard work and commitment to this very important initiative.  We look forward to working with him in September with a new cohort of Mini police!!

Newminster and Chantry Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir Visit – Tuesday 17th September 2019

The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir is touring the North East for 2 weeks in September fundraising. They are planning to spend a day at Chantry and Newminster Middle Schools on Tuesday 17th September.

Their visit will comprise of an assembly performance for both schools, workshops for classes and an afternoon workshop for the joint schools choir. Their visit will culminate in an evening performance which will take place at 6:30pm in the Chantry hall. The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir will perform along with some join pieces with the Newminster and Chantry school choir. Tickets for the concert will be available on the door (adults £4 and children £3). There will also be refreshments, African crafts on sale and a raffle.

To coincide with the visit and raise money for the charity Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd, we are planning on holding a non uniform day across the two schools where pupils wear the clothes in the colours of the Ugandan flag – black, red, yellow and white with a suggested donation of £1 per student. African crafts will be available to buy on the day too.

The charity Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd, which organises the tour, is a registered charity in England and Wales and all the money is sent to the charity which sends it to Uganda to help the schools educate, house and feed orphans and destitute children in six schools in Kampala and Masaka District in S.W. Uganda.  Molly Wasswa, co-founder of the schools, will be travelling with the choir once again on their eighth visit to the North

Choir members will need to return to school to perform in this exciting concert at 6pm on Tuesday 17th September.

We look forward to seeing you there.

You say “Hello”, we say…….

Nǐ hǎo. ¡Hola! As-salām ‘alaykum.  If you wanted to say hello to everyone on the planet, you’d probably need to learn around 7,000 languages. Fortunately, by learning “hello” in the world’s most spoken languages, you would be able to greet approximately 80% of the world’s population and pupils in 7S are well on their way to doing so.  They have been producing some art work which will bid Namaste, Konnichiwa and Ciao to visitors to the new MFL block next term. Their canvases will be displayed in the reception to classrooms 24 and 25 where Señora Said and Madame Brown shall be teaching. We look forward to showing off their hellos!

Izzy est allée à Cambridge!

Year 7’s Izzy took a trip to Cambridge last week to compete in the National Final of the French Spelling Bee in Cambridge.   She spelled accurately and confidently and could not have done any better.  We are very proud of her accomplishments both on the day and throughout the whole tournament. She has put in a tremendous amount of effort and shown immense dedication over the last nine months.    To have been one of the last 40 pupils out of 20 000 across Great Britain is an astounding achievement.  Bravo Izzy.

“Being part of the Spelling Bee was a fantastic experience and it definitely helped boost my confidence, as well as my vocabulary.  The competition was both terrifying and exciting, and getting the chance to visit Cambridge University was really cool. I loved having the opportunity to do this and is a memory I will treasure forever!”

SATS Results 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students in Year 6 for their excellent outcomes in this year’s KS2 SATS. They have excelled across the subjects and have done the school proud.
I would also like to thank all staff with their ongoing commitment and hard work in supporting the students with these results. I appreciate the ongoing support from across all aspects of the school in ensuring that our students have the best opportunity to succeed.
Thank you!
I have attached the results summary below compared to the previous 2 years and this year’s National averages. The progress scores are based upon last year’s progress model and will change when the new model is devised.
Bryan Stewart – Headteacher


In 2016, the new, more challenging, national curriculum was assessed for the first time with new tests and interim frameworks for teacher assessment. Results are now reported as proportions of students achieving the ‘expected’ standard and proportions of students reaching a ‘high level of attainment’ within the expected standard.

Students received a scaled score (80 – 120) with 100 being the score required to reach the expected standard. A score of 110 or more is required to achieve a ‘high level of attainment’ in the reading, maths and SPaG tests. The writing element is teacher assessed and externally moderated.

Below is a summary of the outcomes for the Year 6 cohort at Chantry in July 2019 and national averages, compared to 2017 & 2018

Chantry Result 2017 Chantry Result 2018 Chantry Result


National Average 2019
% of pupils achieving the expected standard in RWM 71% 57% 75% 65%
% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in RWM 12% 14% 12%
% achieving the expected standard 81% 79% 82% 73%
% achieving a high level of attainment 36% 30% 22% 28%
Average scaled score (range from 80 – 120) 106 105 105 104
Average progress (typical range from -5 to +5) +0.8 -0.69 -1.72 0
% achieving the expected standard 83% 86% 87% 78%
% achieving a high level of attainment 19% 25% 23%
Average progress (typical range from -5 to +5) -1.2 +0.33 +0.17 0
% achieving the expected standard 81% 82% 80% 78%
% achieving a high level of attainment 29% 31% 32% 34%
Average scaled score (range from 80 – 120) 106 106 106 106
% achieving the expected standard 84% 69% 89% 79%
% achieving a high level of attainment 32% 22% 34% 24%
Average scaled score (range from 80 – 120) 106 104 107 105
Average progress (typical range from -5 to +5) +0.6 -1.04 +0.77 0

Some of our pupils have been painting a large elephant this term!

Chantry Middle School has been lucky enough to be involved with “Elmer’s Great North Parade” in aid of St. Oswald’s Hospice. This is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to have their artwork exhibited and viewed by thousands of members of the public.
We were asked to design and paint a large, fibreglass “Elmer the Elephant” sculpture which will be exhibited in the North East along with some even larger artist-designed elephants.

The whole school took part in the competition to design our Elmer sculpture and prizes were presented at the “Elmer Assembly”, attended by St. Oswald’s Hospice. 
The winners and some of the runners up have been having fun painting our Elmer who is called “Day and Night in the Rainforest”. 
You will be able to see all the elephants across Tyne and Wear from August to November. 
Runners up – Lucy, Rachel, Felicity, Emma, Eva and Katie.
Key Stage 2 winner – Ryan-Lee
Key Stage 3 winner – Naomi