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Dance 4 Life


Written by: Jason Sunil, Eve Bars, Alexandra Shepherd and Tom Clark.

Edited by: Mary Alexandru (Main Editor) , Finlay Davidson, Eva Dunphy, Izzy Ellerbrook, Ethan Coulson and Sienna Burt


Chapter One -The New Girl
Chapter Two – A Mystery
Chapter Three – Dance For Life
Chapter Four – The Decider
Chapter Five – Dance
Chapter Six – Robbery
Chapter Seven – Food Fight
Chapter Eight – Receptionist Rage

Chapter One – The New Girl

“It’s Friday!” screamed Harry. Harry was a 15 year old boy, who seemed to find everything in life extremely boring, except dancing. It was Friday, the day he went dancing. Harry had a standard family with a Mum, a Dad and a little brother called Billie-Jean. He lived in a standard house on a standard street in Northern London and lived an almost-standard life. Both of his parents were police officers. Every night they came home telling him and his sister about their amazing adventures they had that day.. After school – before his parents had a chance to speak to him – Harry went to Bellas dancing club and school. A street behind, Eve the Jazz dancer was doing the exact same – going to dance. Eve and Harry were best friends. During dance, a new dancer approached them, “Hi! My name is Tiana,” she said. She was wearing a bright pink hat and a bright pink dancing top.

After many weeks of watching her dance with her hat, Jason the Ballet dancer said to his friends:

“She always wears that bright pink hat! Someone ask why!”

Chapter Two – A Mystery

Many weeks passed by, and Tiana never removed her bright pink hat. Each of them had different ideas about why she had her hat on. Finally, Rita the Modern dancer came and she plucked up the courage to ask Tiana about why she wore her hat. But Tiana started sobbing.                                                                “I had treatment for my cancer, my hair isn’t growing yet and at my old school I got bullied by other children for my hair. My parents said if I start a new dance class it might get me more focused.” she cried. “ But I’m too scared to take it off because you might make fun of me!” Rita gave her a  warm hug and they both walked to the cafe to have food. Meanwhile, it was lunch break  and Ella the salsa dancer was just eating food thinking about love and boys. Ahhh, her crush. Charlie the ballroom dancer. Ella was really clumsy when she looked at the boy she had a crush on, even if she was at  the other side of the studio. She didn’t realise she was walking straight into the wall. 2 minutes later she was on the floor in front of a dark wall, with a graze on her knee that was vaguely bleeding. Everybody started laughing at her, but she also saw Charlie walking towards her and realised he was helping her up. He looked in her eyes and she looked into his; Ella said thank you and they both walked into different directions. Every girl was astonished.  How did Ella get her hands on the most handsome boy?

Chapter Three – Dance for Life

After break time, it was the best soloist competition. The dancers competing were Ella, Rita, Jason Kalum, Kayla, Ellena, Sarina,  Rito ,Tiana, Eve, Harry ,Ariana, Charlie ,Anna, Lyra, Tom and more but anyway, these are our main dancers in this story. It was hard and by hard I mean really hard but this was the right pick for the winners. Just the right pick . The studio head Mary announced the winners “And the winners are Rita ella jason and tiana!”

Dance For life was the biggest competition in the world! People all over the world take part in this amazing competition. Each year, around 68 dance studios compete to win, but they had a very hard decision to decide who would get the solo part. Now was the time to decide who would get the solo part for bella’s dance studio to compete with the other teams. They had a hard job to decide who would be the best to battle in the dance show.

Chapter Four – The Decider

The suspense in everyone was heating up as each and every person thought they were going to get the part, but finally after hours of waiting the head girl came in the the big reveal was about to happen. Every person waited and stood and stared in awe as they waited for the final answer. Mary the studio head finally came out with it,

“We have finally decided to give the solo part to Rita!,”

“Well done Rita!”

All of a sudden they heard a crying noise as the studio door slammed shut. Everyone looked around to figure out who had left crying they finally figured it out… Tiana. Rita was Tiana’s best friend. Why isn’t she happy for her? They finally realised that they had practised a duet and performed a duo but only decided on Rita. When they realised this, about 20 people ran out to comfort her. Tiana didn’t know that it wasn’t a solo and Rita wanted Tiana to be happy so she didn’t tell her.

Chapter Five – Dance For Life

It was time to dance. Rita was going to face 68 big great teams to qualify to the nationals they were doing the regionals dance for life competition to enter the nationals to enter the internationals. Suddenly Rita looked back and she saw the diamonds . The diamonds were the hardest to compete with. They laughed at her and Layla the soloist for her team said “Bye losers!” It was time. Layla went on stage her pretty illuminous dress was waving around her waist. The music came on only thirty four teams could compete after this Layla performed handsprings flips and lots of elegency. Twists and turns bends and more. The song finished. It was Rita’s turn but no one was there backstage to encourage Rita. “They must not like me anymore,” thought Rita. The music came on. Rita went to life as she done her routine backflips splits high kicks and more were included. She did her last spin and the music came out. And the second place winner is Rita said the judge, There was silence no one even peeped, nobody cheered. Now it was show time.

Chapter Six –  Suspicious Robbery

In Mary’s hotel room all the funds money and savings were in a case and the key to the box full of them was just on the bedside table. Mary was sleeping calmly. Suddenly a grenade full of smoke and fire burst. Mary flew off the bed and ran outside of the hotel room, not knowing what had happened. The fire brigade came in as they fought through the fire they saw that the money was gone . Mary was shocked… all that was in her head was,”OH NO NO NO!!!”.  Soon after the brave fire brigade stormed out and told Mary it’s all good. But was it… Mary carefully tiptoed in and immediately came around to investigate the robbery and soon realized that every single penny had been stolen. Now Mary was extremely suspicious, she picked up the box and saw a little note it said, ”YOU CAN’T CATCH ME! HAHAHA!”. Mary was steaming furious. She looked out the window and saw two people , unidentifiable as they had their faces covered. They had a ton loads of money and they drove away like a maniac. Without thinking she dialed 999. Mary also noticed the big crack in the window which someone had definitely jumped out of, but who stole her precious money?

 Chapter Seven – Food Fight

Meanwhile Eve and Harry were talking Eve was on Rita’s side while Harry was on Tiana’s side they were eating lunch. Harry said its Rita’s fault she lied to Tiana about what happened. “It’s not!” replied Eve. Eve was about to scream and smack Harry but instead she poured her open juice bottle right on Harry’s head. Harry squirted tomato sauce all over Eve. Suddenly Jason shouted at Harry. “What was that for?!” he said. He threw his pasta all over harry. Eve smirked. In the blink of an eye Rito (aka Rita’s little brother) smacked Jason with a LOT of pie. Suddenly a big food fight happened AND the lounge was covered in food. All dancers had their opinion and to make everyone listen they used food and by food I mean a lot of food. Suddenly Kallum threw his glass water bottle, which was as thick as an tank, on to the new tv. The tv fell down with a thud. Pictures fell, tables were destroyed. Then Sarina – the cheeky one – had a cunning idea she was on eves team rita ella sarina ellena and charlie pushed the big grand piano. The grand piano cost 60,000 pounds they pushed the piano so hard it pushed Harry’s team backwards and to the other side of the room but the piano was still moving. The piano flew and crashed through the double doors the piano which was covered in food flew down the stairs and it crashed threw the building and froze on the concrete. The piano stood still everybody stood still the cuts through the piano were massive. In a flash the cuts through the piano split up into little fragments . What would Maisie do thought the dancers .Maisie was the head of the hotel . But Maisie was on the floor unconscious .the piano must of hit her said ariana who was covered in chicken nuggets. Mary ran towards the big heap of mess. “WHAT HAVE YOU ALL DONE TELL ME NOW!” Everybody was as silent as the stars,”TELL ME OR THERE WILL BE LOTS, AND LOTS AND LOTS OF TROUBLE, IF YOU DON’T TELL ME I EXPECT YOU TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM IN FIVE DAYS! AND THAT’S THE END OF THE COMPETITION. YOU’RE IN REAL TROUBLE. BUT FIRST YOU’RE CLEARING THIS MESS.” She stomped out everybody froze then the sofa crashed with a thud. Everybody looked at each other they were not guilty of themselves, the two teams were merciless.

It was a new day. AS everybody cleared out the room ELena

talked to her parents. Elena’s parents abused her, so she didn’t like them and  they didn’t like her too . Ellena wanted better parents not like these. If somebody came to her house, her parents would act normal, but when they were gone, her parents hit her. She told everyone but they didn’t believe her. Elena had a plan. She was going to leave her house after the competition.

Chapter Eight – Receptionist Rage

Mary was going to go to the gym at the hotel which had a dance floor so she had to go down to the reception to sign everyone’s names and pay so they can practice at the gym in the Hotel. When she was at the reception she signed her names. She was about to pay but she realised that since she got her money stolen so, there was no way to pay, but she cleared out all of her pockets and only had a packet of chewing gum, car keys, her phone and 27c. It was $3.50pp so she definitely couldn’t pay she was begging to go for free but the receptionist, Ollie simply denied it. Ollie was getting extremely angry at Mary and said, “do you have apple pay?” Mary Hesitated and replied,”Yes” she was about to pay since her credit card still had money on it but it updated just before and said,”£0.00.” left.” Ollie was about to kick her out until, Ellena came and handed Ollie £30 to go to practice she said, ”Come on! We need to practice NOW!.” everyone came up and practiced suddenly when they got to practice Rita screamed… some other people upstairs were having a fight. Suddenly the 6000 pound grand piano thrashed, “BOOM THRASH BANG” inches away from Rita. Every single living thing fell silent… Mary and Rita literally fainted, but Mary woke up first and saw the the same robbers run away. “What were they doing?” though.

 Chapter Nine -The Group Dance

It was time for the group of four competition four people from each group had to compete to get the winners place to qualify for the next round. The people competing in bellas dance club were Kallum, Ariana, Sarina and finally, Lyra. There would only be 17 teams left who would win. How would they win. Do they even want to win.

The Warning

By Joe Jeffrey and Jonathan Shek

The Invasion

Chapter one

“Mark get UP!” Mark’s mum shouted. Mark never liked mornings especially Monday mornings. His mom’s name was Laura. She always talked to her friends and she was very smiley, fair haired and had blue eyes. She used to be married until her husband was shot down by a german anti aircraft gun. Laura never spoke about him. No one spoke about him. Mark lived in a average sized cottage in the countryside with his brother who was called charlie. Charlie normally had his best friend over who was called James. He and James often played with figurines of British and German soldiers. They also talked a lot about what would happen if the Germans invaded… When they Invade.

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The Mystery of Hell!

A group project story by Imogen Jackson and Coral Walmsley 8N

Chapter I: An Unexpected Discovery

Chapter II: Dinner Dilemma

Chapter III: New Found Love

Chapter IV: Captured

Chapter V: Reincarnation {Last Chapter}

Chapter I, An Unexpected Discovery

Moons ago there was a girl named Lisa. She was a devil that loved  watching people suffer and be hurt by her father named Lucifer. He was the king of Hell. Every year they had some fun by killing innocent people. It was time for the year to begin but one year she met a boy in the killing spree. He was a human and he was good but different he told her to stop and that she didn’t have to do this and that she could change.  She walked away but the boy was the last person to get killed so it was going to take a while; she had to think, first she thought that she could change and love…

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Darkness My Friend

By Jayden Burt, 8J

I was only twelve when this happened to me. The shock of my life. When the truth revealed itself, but I won’t get ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning…

I was excited like every other twelve year old would be. Who wouldn’t be excited at the end of summer? Study hard. Have fun, no worries. Unless there was a secret. A secret that was untold.

I woke up on a Friday morning, school had just ended yesterday. I didn’t really like school. I had no friends. That didn’t stop me though, I still worked hard. I tried my best in all of my lessons. Well in most of them at least. I hated science and it wasn’t the lesson I hated, it was the teacher. I know he hated me too. He liked everyone else it was obvious. So bubbly and jumpy it disgusts me.

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The Greatest Showman Review

The Greatest Showman is about P.T.Barnum, a man who worked in an office, only to find it closes down due to a Chinese ship sinking, making him sell it for a building to open his own “museum of curiosities.” After certain events, he hires “freaks” to join his museum, calling it a circus after a reviewfrom the mst critical of all critics. After a turn of events and a memorable amount of songs, The Greatest Showman is sure to be the movie of the year.

T. Barnum was a real man, although the movie isn’t actually factually correct. First of all, P. T. Barnum was not 40 when he opened the circus, he was 70. Additionally in real life, he lost his wife due to an unknown illness. People tend to say he was an evil man; a villain, but you can make your own mind up!

If you’re looking for a good sing-a-long you must see this masterpeice of a film which we definitely recommended to everyone. You will leave singing your heart out!


By Eva Dunphy and Izzy Ellerbrook, 6C

Thor Ragnarok Review

The amazing Chris Hemsworth has recently starred in the amazing Thor Ragnarok. So far, Hemsworth has been in 6 Marvel movies throughout the years. Here is the fantastic list of movies: Thor, Avengers, Thor: The dark world, Avengers age of Ultron, Doctor Strange and obviously, Thor Ragnarok!

Here is what happens: imprisoned on the other side of the universe, the mighty Thor finds himself in a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against the Hulk his foe and his fellow Avenger.Thor’s mighty quest for survival leads him in a race against the powerful Hela (Cate Blanchett) from destroying his home world asgard.

Also, Chris is given a haircut in the movie which includes a cliche with Stan Lee- the creator of Marvel- as the barber.

Of course, the movie isn’t just starring Hemsworth, here are some other people you may know and recognise: Cate Blanchett as Hela, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Taika Waititi as Corg, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and many more.


To sum up Thor Ragnarok is an outstanding movie with its action and humour, I believe that this movie is a must see!

Jack Kirby, 7H


This movie is about a middle school boy who has facial disfigurements. He didn’t want to start school but got forced by his parents in Year 5, when everyone started a new school in Year 5.

As you can see from the image above me….He received an astronaut helmet for Christmas and had always worn it since, until his dad said ‘You lost it’. Which he hadn’t, his dad just hid it in his office. Auggie (August) Pullman is ten years old. He loves Xbox, his dog, Daisy, and he really loves Star Wars. His favourite character is Jango Fett, and he used to have a small braid in the back of his head like a Padawan Jedi apprentice. His favorite holiday is Halloween, and his birthday is October 10th.

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A Christmas Miracle!

Chapter 1

Midnight. It was December 1st 2007; a dark morning. Clouds and fog were everywhere suffocating the houses, windows frosted from the cold air, crunchy grass made up from the cold frost that lingered in the air. The roads were empty, a deserted island where no one dared to place foot on. Snow started falling, it fell on all the empty spaces, white, no footprints. Was this place abandoned? Then a crash came from a tall house.

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