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Young reporters meet weekly to write stories for Chantry Chat about exciting things that have been happening in and around school.

Brilliant Bunny!

bunnyOnce I saw the Easter bunny,

Going along hop hop hop…

And so I shouted:

“Won’t you stop, stop, stop!”

He turned around and with a smile,

Said: “Child I am going to be a while.”

Then came out a ginormous sack,

With lots of eggs still in tact.

Some spotty, some stripy,

Some that even felt quite slippy!

Then at last he came to me,

And I shouted: “Whoopie!”

Because he gave the golden egg to me!

And now he comes round every year,

Just to give some Easter cheer!
Zara, Pheobe and Fiona, Year 6

Egg-cellent Easter: A Poem

Easter is a time of fun and games,

But most people tend to go on holidays.

Chocolate and sweets all around,

Stopping those smiles from going upside down.

Sweets smells fill the air like barbecues and candy bears.

The sun is shining the air is sweet,

And parties are happening down the street.

Children swimming in the beach bay,

We wish this could happen everyday.

By Amy Sparham, 6C.

French Spelling Bee (or is it Spelling Rabbit?) 2017

Miss Said has once again organised the French Spelling Bee (yes, this article is a little late!) and three of the students taking part are in the Regional Final!

How the competition played out:

Miss Said’s upper sets took part in a French spelling challenge, in which someone would read out a word in English, and the student has to say it back in French and spell it using the French alphabet. Seven students got through to the second round (Here is the link to the tweet), and only three passed the third round: Alex, Rebecca and myself (Once again, here is another link). We received three chocolate rabbits (Spelling Rabbit, you see?!), that you can see on the photo. Round 3, of course, awaits us in May; another 50 words to learn, I see!

Alex Harrison, 7S

Comic Relief

Capture2Last Friday, Chantry took part in a fabulous Comic Relief event. One of the challenges for the day was to make a mile long line of pennies. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make a mile but we did make a beautiful image of the Chantry badge out of some of the pennies (on photo).

Also, Chantry and Newminster had been learning two dances for the past few weeks in assembly to perform together. We  performed it with a drone flying in the air and several people kindly came in and video us (including the BBC). Then, on that Friday, Chantry and Newminster were on Look North (Comic Relief special)!

All of the pupils and the staff enjoyed this event and hope to do more this like this in the future!

By Lexie, Alannah and Grace, 6C

Easter Egg-Stravaganza

CaptureAs you may know, the Easter Egg-stravaganza is next week (Thursday 6th April). Today, people are wearing non-uniform and brought in chocolate to donate. Looking at the amount of chocolate that was brought in, it looks like a lot of people want to support the Easter Egg-Stravaganza!

The Easter Egg-Stravaganza is on Thursday afternoon and we will be allowed to play the games that have been set up to win the chocolate. There is a wide variety of fun games for all students and the afternoon will be packed full of fun!

Also, there is an Easter egg competition, this is when you can design and bring in a decorated egg for a chance to win more chocolate!

Last year, there were Ant and Degg’s Saturday Night Takeaway egg, a lamb egg, Humpty Dumpty, The Three Little Pigs and many more.
By Amy S, 6C

Mother’s Day Service

flowerThis morning, we held an assembly that all the mums could attend if their child was in Years 5 or 6. Here is an extract from what we got told about where and when the origins of Mother’s Day came from:

“Mother’s day originates from when people visited their mother church. They would also pay more respect to their mother’s on that day. Mother’s day is always on the fourth Sunday in lent and this year it is held on 26th March.”

Do you help your mum on Mother’s Day? Could you make her breakfast in bed or take her out somewhere? If so, she will love it! Sometimes you don’t need to buy big presents; it’s the little things that count, like if you make her a homemade card instead of a bought one.

By Amy Sparham, 6C

World Book Day

WBDWorld Book Day is an event held in March each year. It is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and of course reading! This year is the 20th anniversary of World Book Day and children all around the world will dress up as their favourite children’s book character to celebrate.

Lots of staff and students took part this year; here is a photo of the students who won the fancy dress competition!

Lexie, Amy & Grace, 6C

SuperTruck: Trucks Move Only When You Move!


SuperTruck (2016) is a game developed by Landfall Games and is a mash-up between two of their other games: SuperHot and ClusterTruck (both 2016).


SuperTruck combines the mechanics of the two aforementioned games. You start off on top of a truck at the back of a queue, and the trucks band together, You have to jump from truck to truck until you reach the goal. However, two SuperHot elements are added in; the trucks are all red, and time moves only when you move.

Altogether I thought this was a really interesting game to play, though unfortunately it is no longer being updated, as Landfall Games are working on other projects and have probably forgotten about this game!

By Alex Harrison, 7S

Brilliant Books!

amountofpeopleFollowing the success of Chantry’s Book Fair, we asked some of our peers what their favourite books were. We even asked some teachers; These are the results:

  • Lexi-Roald Dahl books
  • Grace- ‘Girl Online’- Zoella
  • Evie- The ‘Dork Diaries’ series- Rachel Ranee Russel
  • Amber-’The Series of Unfortunate Events’- Lemony Snicket
  • Harry- ‘Harry Potter and the half blood blood prince’- J.K Rowling
  • Eva- ‘Percy Jackson’ series- Rick Riordan
  • Ruby- ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child’/’fantastic beasts and where to find them’-J.K Rowling
  • Georgia: All ‘Harry Potter’ books- J.K Rowling
  • Naomi-’Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’- J.K Rowling
  • Hermione- ‘Midnight Gang’- David Walliams
  • Amy- ‘Girl Online’-Zoella
  • Miss Falkingham-’Rebecca’ – Daphne Du Maurier
  • Mr Skinner-’Cider House Rules’- John Irving

We also asked students and teachers which books they prefered out of David Walliams, J. K. Rowling, Roald Dahl and Zoella books. Here are the results from our poll:

As you can see, lots of people like David Walliams. We were disappointed as we both chose J.K Rowling!

Georgia and Naomi, 6G

Hello Neighbour

HelloNeighbourHello Neighbour is a stealth game where you break into your neighbour’s house and try to find out what is in his basement!

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