British Science Day 2019

On Friday, 15th March, the whole school took part in our annual British Science Day that including all elements of STEM. Each year group had their own experiences either in or out of school but on speaking to pupils they all agreed how they valued their experience and took many positives from their day.

Year 5

Year 5 spent an amazing day for NSEW week at the Centre for Life.  During the day, the pupils took part in either a Fantastic Fossils or Science of Sound workshop.

“I loved the Sound workshops because it was fun and interesting.  I found out how to make a musical instrument out of a straw and that sound can travel through solids”, said Ruby from 5I.  During the Science Theatre Show, volunteers were invited to the stage to participate in kitchen experiments and encouraged to try some out at home.  A number of activities also explained amazing facts about the wonders of space and some students even decided to get hands on with the moon. The Brain and Curiosity Zones gave the pupils a great opportunity to experiment with science.  

“I thought it was an interesting day and I learned a lot from it such as what the moon looks like and how big it actually is.  My favourite part was the Planetarium because you got to understand about the movement of the moon and how all the planets revolve around each other,” said Olivia from 5B

Year 6

The whole cohort stayed in school and took part in wide variety of activities. In total, the year group took part in 5 activities including:

  • Technology Tom
  • Construction
  • Literacy Challenge
  • Dove Marine Lab
  • Creative Bags

The pupils commented on how they loved the interesting and innovative ideas that Technology Tom discussed and they particular liked the last activity in which some pupils were chosen to be electrocuted by Mr Shaw! The teachers in the room were amazed with how much the pupils knew but most impressive was how they could relate the science to experiences they have had.

The other big hitter in Year 6 was the Dove Marine Lab from Newcastle University. They brought with them a variety of sea life creatures including starfish, crabs and lobsters. Pupils were fascinated to find out about the animals and many pupils have never had the chance to handle such animals previously so it was a great new experience. It was amazing to see so many smiling, inquisitive faces around the room eager to learn.

A special thank you to Miss Larsen, Ms Kerr, Mrs Brown and Mrs Elliott for also running workshops on the day – they all played a key part in making the day a huge success and the pupils are proudly showing off their ‘Creative Bags’ made with Mrs Elliott in Technology.

Overall it was a fantastic day and the pupils were amazing!

Emily said “I really enjoyed the construction workshop as we had to work hard as a team to be successful.”

Poppy said “I really liked the marine session as you learnt loads of interesting things about the animals and I liked the construction task because it made you think and use knowledge.”

Year 7

Year 7 visited Newcastle University to take part in a campus tour and CSI investigation. During the campus tour, students were able to visit many buildings on the campus including the Medical School and their close links with the RVI hospital, Old Library, King’s Gate and the Northern Stage. They also visited the Student’s Union and found out about the extra clubs and societies offered at University and were able to ask student ambassadors questions about studying at Newcastle University.

The CSI investigation involved three workshops where the children had to identify who, out of 12 suspects, had stolen the Martin Luther King Statue which is located within the university’s campus. The children extracted DNA from a strawberry and compared it’s amino acids to that of some of the suspects. They then compared the moisture and PH of soil samples to identify where the crime took place. Following this the students looked at a range of artefacts which linked famous crimes such as the great train robbery. From here they found it more information about the criminal such as their gender and height.

Jack said “I found the deciphering the DNA task very interesting because I got to combine English and maths in a very interesting puzzle. Although the time was short, I had lots of fun!”

Maisy said “I liked the first activity, which was history and social science, because you used props and tried to link them to the case. It creates ideas in your head about how and why the props were related to the crime.”

Eva C said “I really enjoyed going to Newcastle University because the whole day was dedicated to one investigation. The campus tour was interesting but I would have liked to look into more buildings. The cryptography was very fun, especially when we created our own coded message! The whole trip was really fun and I would love to go again.”

Year 8

Year 8’s British Science Day activities were supported by sixth form students from KEVI and STEM Ambassadors from Virgin Money. The KEVI sixth formers led a series of practical investigation tasks designed to find out who stole a rugby trophy from the school trophy cabinet. This involved conducting a series of tests on pieces of evidence left at the crime scene, including paint scrapings and foot prints. The Virgin Money STEM Ambassadors delivered a session about coding and cyber security, which have particular relevance in the financial sector. Year 8 students also took part in a special maths problem solving session and workshop about healthy lifestyles.


Careers Day 2019

On Wednesday 13th February, Chantry Middle School held their annual Careers Afternoon. This is an opportunity for business ambassadors to visit the school and take the opportunity to educate the young people about jobs that exist.

This year we had 19 visitors in the school with a range of business expertise and advice including Civil Service, Intelligence, Fire & Rescue, Banking, Tourism, Engineering and Music. All of which provided a wealth of knowledge to the students and shared their stories about how they have become involved in their line of work.

Students gained a lot out of the afternoon with feedback being really positive:

“It was great to hear about some cool jobs when you leave school”

“The intelligence lady sounded like she worked with James Bond”

“I never knew how many different roles there were in some of these jobs”

“I have always wanted to help people so if was great to listen to people from the fire service and midwife talk”

“I want to be a travel agent because you might get to go on free holidays”


Clowning Around – Year 5

On Friday 11th January, Year 5 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a ‘ready for work’ skills workshop called Clowning Around, facilitated by Carole Richards, Northumberland Education Business Partnership, part of Northumberland County Council.

The objective of the morning to work in small teams to design, create and sell a Clown Mobile, the type above a babies cot. The event helped the pupils to understand various aspects of how businesses run and explore different job roles. Some of the other key skills developed were teamwork, communication and resilience.

Enterprise Day

Enterprise Day

Over 97% of pupils felt the day improved their ability to listen and share ideas.
Over 82% of pupils agreed that it help build their self confidence.
Over 97% of pupils agree that it allowed them the ability to work as a team.

Chantry took part in our annual Enterprise Day on Wednesday 5th December facilitated by Carole Richards, Northumberland Education Business Partnership, part of Northumberland County Council.

The theme of the day was ‘Build a Business’ and with the help of over 30 local Business Ambassadors the pupils worked in small groups to plan, design and develop a business. The groups of pupils, who were all mixed, from Year 5 to Year 8 then had to present their business ideas to the rest of their class group for the chance to win the grand prize… a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

The day was a huge success and all pupils were thoroughly engaged in the learning that was taking place. Cooperation, teamwork, resilience, creativity and achievement were all core skills that the pupils developed further throughout the day as they all worked collaboratively to ensure the end goal was met.

Pupils who took part in the event commented:

‘I really enjoyed the day and liked working with different types of people.’

‘It was good fun as we were learning but in a different way.’

‘I think my idea will sell for millions…will Alan Sugar be interested?’

For the full result of pupils feedback please click here


A group of year 8 students went to Hartlepool Borough Hall to watch LabLive & visited Teesmouth Visitors Centre. The LabLive show inspired students with a spectacular interactive show where they got to find out more about the benefits of studying Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) at a higher level. The first part of the show was about mathematical concepts and 3D shapes, students got to find out more about the interesting properties of a Mobius band. The second part of the show was about the science behind fireworks and the role of computer programming in pyrotechnic displays. After the amazing show, students visited Teesmouth Visitors Centre where the Wardens talked about the area before taking the group to the beach to see some of the features that they had been telling them about.

Guy Bass – Author Visit

On November 9th, Year 5 children were treated to an energetic and entertaining performance from Guy Bass, award-winning author of the Spynosaur, Stitch Head and Dinkin Dings series.

Guy explained that his books reflect the way he pictured the world as he was growing up and confessed that he created the Spynosaur series to indulge his childhood ambition to be a dinosaur!

Guy drew upon his background in the theatre to debunk some of the white lies we tell our children – carrots help you see in the dark; spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them; the ice cream van plays its jingle when it has run out of ice cream – and reduced the audience to helpless laughter with his portrayal of an aggressive spider!

Aided by a member of the audience dressed as Spynosaur, he rounded off his performance with a lively reading from his latest novel, Goldenclaw and took time to have a proper conversation with every child that had bought one of his books.

We all enjoyed this event enormously and the clips will give you a flavour.


Year 5 Mini Police Project

Northumbria Police have taken on some of their youngest recruits as its successful Mini Police is extended and Chantry are so excited to be part of it!

Chantry along with Horton Grange Primary and Meadowdale Academy in Bedlington were the three schools chosen in Northumberland after a rigorous selection process. At Chantry there were over 80 applications and the following 10 lucky students were chosen to take part – Scout, Ryan, Rhys, Andrew, Kody, Lara, Matthew, Lucy, Jess and Vsevolod. They will work with CSO ​Dave Johnston (pictured with the children) from Bedlington Police Station to learn about a host of topics to keep them and their friends safe.

The Mini Police recognisable by their uniform will also carry out work in the community and visit Northumbria Police HQ to see the cells, police dogs and helicopter in action!

Chantry are very much looking forward to working with CSO Dave and becoming part of the Northumbria Police family.

Check our Twitter feed for up to date information!

Winners at The Key Awards 2017

As you may already know, 7S have been taking part in an enterprise scheme in conjunction with ‘Leading Link’ and ‘The Key’. We previously mentioned their trip to S

age HQ, Newcastle earlier in the term here.

Since our last article, the children took their products to Morpeth Market where they were able to sell their products to local people and visitors. They even got advice from a regular stall holder on how to perfect their market “shouting” techniques. Their final selling location was at our Summer Fayre where pupils, parents and staff were able to buy the products. Please see twitter for a range of photographs from these events.

But most exciting of all is that three of our six groups were nominated for an award at The Key Awards 2017 – Quoted, Wacky Washis and Chalkies. All three were nominated for the same award – Innovative Key Group 2017. We were invited to attend the awards evening, at the Civic Centre in Newcastle on 29th June, where we met with nearly 180 young people who had been nominated for a range of awards. We represented one of twenty five schools that night out of 400 schools who took part in the project. A fantastic achievement in itself and every child who was nominated for an award received a certificate to celebrate their achievements.

As the night went on, and the consumption of sweets and cakes continued, we heard about all the fantastic projects other young people had organised. What a range of absolutely inspirational young people we were amongst! We are delighted to say that Chalkies were the winners of the award! The judges said that their unique idea of blackboard style mugs and plant pots was well executed and they could see how the idea could develop further.

Miss Mackenzie said “All of the children worked extremely hard throughout the project. This was a student lead project which the children fully embraced from the very beginning, with support from Julie and Lynn from Leading Link. Being nominated for an award was a huge achievement in itself but to walk away with an award really acknowledges the dedication the children had, in order to make their project successful. I am extremely proud of them all – hard work definitely pays off!”

Sol F, from winning group Quoted, said “When I was at the awards evening I felt happy because Julie, who is one of the people who helped us, won and award and we also won an award”

Will A, from winning group Quoted, said “When we won the award I was stunned. I never thought that would happen to our group! I thought all of the groups that were nominated were fantastic but I am pleased that the judges liked our project”

Alan M said “I had a great night, it was well organised and the food was lovely”

Chloe H said “The best part of the award ceremony was when Julie, the lady who helped us with the project, won an award for being a great facilitator”

Aaron C said “When I was at the award ceremony I felt glad that one of our groups won an award as well as one of the facilitators who helped us – Julie Greener”

Emily W said “The awards evening was really fun and a great way to spend time with class mates and teachers outside of school to celebrate our hard work”

Children’s crime writer, Robin Stevens, visits Chantry!

On the penultimate day of the last half term, children’s crime writer, Robin Stevens, visited our combined Year Five. She talked about her early inspirations, explained how to construct a murder mystery and helped her young audience put together and solve a dastardly crime set in a museum!

We discovered that Hazel, one half of the Wells & Wong Detective Agency, is modelled on Robin’s teenage self. Robin felt as though she’d been transported back one hundred years when, newly arrived from America and aged thirteen, she found herself at Cheltenham Ladies’ College. Just like Robin, Chinese Hazel finds the food, traditions and uniform at Deepdean School for girls bizarre, hates the English weather and playing games in the rain and feels clumsily out of place.

To comfort herself at boarding school,Robin read voraciously, devouring Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle mysteries. It’s not surprising that superior, calculating Daisy – the self-styled leader of the detective duo – is based on Sherlock Holmes while self-effacing Hazel takes the role of Watson and narrates the stories.

As a teenager, Robin was struck by the impossibility of solving Agatha Christie crimes and tries to emulate this style in her own writing – a fact that may contribute to the wide appeal of her work. A great number of students already had books by Robin Stevens and are eagerly awaiting publication of the next one. Now they can put a face and a personality to the author!

Some of us just couldn’t wait to get started on our new books!

7S Enterprise Project at Sage HQ, Newcastle

As part of the school’s DLE programme 7S have been taking part in an enterprise scheme in conjunction with ‘Leading Link’ and ‘The Key’. The pupils have been actively planning a micro-business for a number of weeks with an aim that the pupils would develop their enterprise, mathematics, team building and financial skills whilst giving them a taste of what it is like to be an entrepreneur. Each group has been provided with a pot of money to spend on items which they have turned​​ into products to sell on and make a profit. On 17th May they were all invited to attend Sage HQ in Newcastle where they were able to showcase their goods.

Leigh Thompson (Sage Foundation Manager) tweeted us to say “These guys were absolutely brilliant. A credit to the school and the programme. Thx for being part of our #enterprise day.”

The children are also showcasing their products at Morpeth Market on Wednesday 7th June.