Students from Chantry will be making the news for real on 15 March 2018 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 16:00 GMT on News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later.

Strangely Addicting Stranger Things!

Stranger Things is the biggest franchise of 2016, All together this TV show in my eyes is one of the best, with a great story line and some amazing actors. But none of this could of been done without the amazing directors Matt and Ross Duffer: also known as the Duffer brothers. Some viewers from Chantry Middle School saying that ‘Its the best show on Netflix yet!’ from one student and ‘It’s different and Original’. One person said that they liked it as it was a scary story line based around kids in the 80’s and all of the unexpected plot twists. It’s true stranger things is strangely addicting!

Cast list:

  • Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven (Jane Hopper)
  • Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler
  • Noah Schnapp as Will Byers
  • Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson
  • Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair
  • Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers
  • Joe Keery as Steve Harrington
  • Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler
  • Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers
  • David Harbour as Hopper          

The whole story base line is about a young girl called Jane, but her friends call her Eleven due to the tattoo on her wrist from when she got experimented on. Eleven is able to move and control things with her mind, but everytime she uses her powers she loses a lot of energy and her nose starts to bleed. One day, when she runs away from Hawkins Lab, young Mike Wheeler and his ‘party’ find Eleven on her run away adventure, from then on mike secretly lets her live in his basement, teaches her to talk properly, and he also teaches her to trust.

Later on in the series, Will Byers goes into a parallel universe called the upside down. While at Hawkins Will is assumed dead, Will’s mother Joyce Byers and brother Jonathan Byers are convinced Will is alive and everyone thinks they are going mad. Well that’s everyone but Nancy Wheeler, Mike Wheeler’s brother. Nancy’s best friend Barb goes “missing”.

I’m sure you’ll be thinking. But who is taking them there? Well that’s when the demogorgon comes in…

Emma Tait (Year 8)

Year 8 Jigsaw- Get them all, or none at all!

In Chantry Middle School Year 8 students  have a jigsaw and each piece means something different.

On each piece of jigsaw is a word such as: achievement then aspiration, care, cooperation, creativity, reflection ,resilience, respect and responsibility.

Each of these jigsaw pieces makes us think in order to achieve what we need to get on each piece of jigsaw. Every time we place a piece of evidence in the portfolio we hand it in to the head of the school and then we can get our jigsaw piece sticker which we put in the front of our portfolio. If we complete the whole thing we can use it to show people in high school, this gives us good credit. It is also very fun to do and achieve.

We both interviewed Mr Johnson (Head of School) about the jigsaw.

Elise: Why did you want to set up the jigsaw?
Mr Johnson: So the year eights that do it can learn to be individuals.

Elise: What do you think is the most beneficial about the jigsaw and why?
Mr Johnson: It helps you learn about the values you need in life.

Lottie: How many years have you been doing the jigsaw system for, now?
Mr Johnson: I have been doing this for about four years now.

Lottie: How can this helps us as an individual?
Mr Johnson: it helps us by learning different skills and being proud of ourselves.

By Elise and Lottie.


Mock Trial Madness

This year is our last year in Chantry, which means lots of opportunities! One of them is to get a chance to participate in Magistrates Mock Trial. We got given a trial case to audition with, and we had to argue whether we thought ‘Chantelle’ was guilty or not. We argued our case in front of Mr Warner (the teacher who runs Magistrates) and in front of anyone else who was auditioning. Less than a week later, 13 students who Mr Warner deemed the best for each role where picked, to start practicing with our case every Friday afternoon.

The different roles consist of:

3 Magistrates: Alice, Rebecca and Kelsey
2 Prosecution Lawyers: Amrit and Isobel
2 Defence Lawyers: Alice and Millie
1 Legal Advisor: Conall
Usher: Ben
1 Defendant: Kate
2 Defence Witnesses: Kate and Elise
2 Prosecution Witnesses: Joe and Finlay

On 24th  March we will compete as a team defending and prosecuting the case.

We (Rebecca and Alice) are magistrates and our role is to decide whether or not the defendant is guilty. We have to weigh up the credibility of the witnesses and if we believe that the defendant is telling the truth or not. This case is incredibly difficult as it all depends on the credibility of the witnesses as there is reason to believe that the defendant may have not done the crime however there is also evidence to suggest that they did! Unlike the lawyers, we have to have a balanced argument and take into account both sides of the story and decide what’s fair.

I, (Alice) am a defence lawyer and my role is to be very one sided by twisting the prosecutions side of the story to make the defendant innocent. I question one prosecution witness and one defence witness trying to make the defendant seem innocent either way. Also I have to give a closing speech trying to persuade the magistrates the defendant is innocent. So unlike the magistrates, I have to only use one side of the case to do my job and the prosecution lawyer does the opposite to me (make the defendant guilty). Overall, it is my job to keep the defendant out of prison, no matter what the case.

We are very excited to be taking part in this competition but the pressure is on as Chantry have won it many times before! We’re looking forward to experiencing what a court is like and taking the roles that many adults do!

Alice, Alice and Rebecca (Year 8)

Fortnite Game Review

Over 3.4 million people play Fortnite globally at one time and as of December it has had over 40 million downloads. Out of our friends on xbox and Playstation over ¾ of them play Fortnite.

Due to popular demand, epic games are developing a mobile version of the game so you can play where you want. In Fortnite you have two game modes; Save The World and Battle Royale. The Battle Royale is free to everyone!!!

Fortnite has a currency called Vbucks which you can spend on ingame items in both modes. You can purchase skins, gliders, emotes and harvesting tools. The BattlePass is a seasonal event where you level up in tiers and get rewards for every time you ready up. This season (season 3) has 100 levels with six skins to unlock!

In Save The World you fight off monsters of all kinds such as husks, pitchers and sploders. The story is that a sudden worldwide storm causes 98% of the world’s population to disappear as zombie like creatures attack the survivors. Each mission, the game randomly generates maps and the player needs to collect resources in order to build fortifications around objectives that help fight the storm and protect survivors.                            

In Fortnite Battle Royale you go up against 99 other players in order to be the last one standing you jump out of a “Battle Bus” and skydive down to the ground to your choice of landing on the map.

Once you reach a certain height you pull out your chosen glider once you land you have to find guns and try to kill people after one minute there will be a ring and you have to go to the in the ring and after a certain amount of time the storm will move in and if you go in the storm you will slowly die so it is making it so people fight each other.

Freddie and Cole (Year 8)

Are you drinking plastic?

In recent studies at State University of New York in Florida they found plastic in popular brands of bottled water .

To find these tiny pieces of plastic, scientists at the university used a dye that attaches to the surface of the plastic turning them to a different colour.

Some popular brands that include pieces of plastic:

  • Evian
  • Nestle pure life
  • San pellegrino

Some plastic is only from the lids of the bottle!

Will this stop you from drinking these brands of bottled water?

By Amber and Emily (year 8)

Believe In Sport Relief

This year Sports Relief is on 17th – 23rd March. Like Comic Relief, Sports Relief is on the television in the afternoon as the CBBC are having reports and different events. The charity raises money for mental health issues, maternal care for mothers and babies, a global fight of Malaria, domestic violence and much, much more. To raise money, they set up lots of activities to be active in for you to raise money, and it encourages you to take part or set up your own sport/activity to raise money for this.

When Sports Relief is on television, they have a different celebrity every hour. These celebrities do the job of hosting it for free and raising more money! The crew also help the show for free and the facilities are given by the BBC. In 2002 Sports Relief’s first song was ‘Your Song’, it was sang by Elton John and an Italian opera singer Alessandro Safina, reaching number four in the chart. Now we have many more songs raising money and awareness each year for this charity, including Greg James doing a very tiring event:

DJ Greg James is doing a ‘Gregathlon’ to raise money for the fantastic organisation, Sport Relief! As a part of this, he will pedal 500 miles and then he will climb three of the UK’s largest mountains…. In 5 days, he did it last year but not as far! It’s definitely going to be a challenge! He has already started this and his going to climb Ben Nevis! It just goes to show how willing people are to help others! We think that this is amazing and very impressive! So far, Greg has raised £739, 425 and it keeps rising!

By Rebecca, Katie and Alice (Year 8)

Oxford Host Muggle Quidditch World Cup

If you are a lover of Harry Potter like we are, you will be surprised to hear what the UK have made of the famous book series by JK Rowling.

Yes, it’s true, real Muggles playing real Quidditch…

Quidditch involves 7 players: one keeper, one seeker, two beaters and three chasers. Players have to hold a broomstick in between their legs and hop around the pitch. In the game, a quaffle is used and players have to try to get it through the opposite teams hoop. There is also the snitch which the seeker has to catch and once the seeker does catch it, it ends the game.

This year, Oxford is holding the Quidditch world cup and thirty two teams are competing at the National Competition on the 24/25 March. Quidditch is sort of like rugby and dodgeball but also much different. The sport was introduced in 2005, inspired by the books by JK Rowling released in 1997.

Naomi and Georgia (Year 7)

United slump against Sevilla

On Tuesday, Man United lost against spanish side Sevilla after a 0-0 first leg game in spain. It was 0-0 half time and looked like it would go to extra time until Ben Yedder came on as a substitute. With the first three touches he scored past De Gea to make it 1-0 to Sevilla on 74 minutes.

Four minutes later, Ben Yedder scored another one, a corner came in and a header was spilt into the net and that made it 2-0. Man United fans were disgusted with their players and were heading home until Lukaku scored on 84 minutes to make it 2-1. But that was the only goal Man United scored and it ended 2-1 Sevilla.

Man United join Chelsea and Spurs as the Premier league teams that have been knocked out in the Champions league this season. Are Premier league teams falling behind of their European counterparts?

Will (Year 8)

Wansbeck Music Festival

On Sunday the 18th March, the steel panners are heading over to KEVI for the morning to perform in a competition called the Wansbeck Music Festival. All panners will play as a band and some people will be playing in a solo or ensemble. There are 4 age categories: Under 11s, Under 13s, Under 16s, Under 18s.There will be some amazing songs to look forward to on the day. Two of my all time favourites are Cake By The Ocean ( By DNCE) and I Need A Dollar (by Aloe Blacc).

The people who are entering the competition have been working on it for months now. They are all looking forward to it. Last year, the under 11s Chantry group D  won the under 11s award and they are hoping to win the under 13’s this year!

Good luck to everyone who’s entering!By Lexie (Year 7)

An Update on the Grenfell Tower Disaster

A tower of flats in London were set on fire and caused many fatal injuries and even death. Even though this event happened about nine months ago, police have found more evidence of why it has caused so many people to lose their lives.

Luckily, over two hundred people who formerly lived in the tower survived the fatal disaster but did unfortunately lose their home.The fire was accidentally caused by a Hotpoint fridge freezer and spread across the whole building. About two hundred firefighters tried to get rid of the blaze but in the end, it took almost a day to get rid of.

The most recent bit of news to have been revealed has been that the doors of the tower were meant to last for thirty minutes protecting people in the tower, but hardly lasted for half the time meaning that the people who lived in the tower didn’t have enough time to escape.

I think that this affected the amounts of lives lost by quite a lot because some of the people in the tower may not have known what was going on until it was too late. It is very unfortunate with the amount of lives lost but luckily the firemen could put out the fire before it spread or killed even more people.

Naomi (Year 7)