Careers Day 2019

On Wednesday 13th February, Chantry Middle School held their annual Careers Afternoon. This is an opportunity for business ambassadors to visit the school and take the opportunity to educate the young people about jobs that exist.

This year we had 19 visitors in the school with a range of business expertise and advice including Civil Service, Intelligence, Fire & Rescue, Banking, Tourism, Engineering and Music. All of which provided a wealth of knowledge to the students and shared their stories about how they have become involved in their line of work.

Students gained a lot out of the afternoon with feedback being really positive:

“It was great to hear about some cool jobs when you leave school”

“The intelligence lady sounded like she worked with James Bond”

“I never knew how many different roles there were in some of these jobs”

“I have always wanted to help people so if was great to listen to people from the fire service and midwife talk”

“I want to be a travel agent because you might get to go on free holidays”