Believe In Sport Relief

This year Sports Relief is on 17th – 23rd March. Like Comic Relief, Sports Relief is on the television in the afternoon as the CBBC are having reports and different events. The charity raises money for mental health issues, maternal care for mothers and babies, a global fight of Malaria, domestic violence and much, much more. To raise money, they set up lots of activities to be active in for you to raise money, and it encourages you to take part or set up your own sport/activity to raise money for this.

When Sports Relief is on television, they have a different celebrity every hour. These celebrities do the job of hosting it for free and raising more money! The crew also help the show for free and the facilities are given by the BBC. In 2002 Sports Relief’s first song was ‘Your Song’, it was sang by Elton John and an Italian opera singer Alessandro Safina, reaching number four in the chart. Now we have many more songs raising money and awareness each year for this charity, including Greg James doing a very tiring event:

DJ Greg James is doing a ‘Gregathlon’ to raise money for the fantastic organisation, Sport Relief! As a part of this, he will pedal 500 miles and then he will climb three of the UK’s largest mountains…. In 5 days, he did it last year but not as far! It’s definitely going to be a challenge! He has already started this and his going to climb Ben Nevis! It just goes to show how willing people are to help others! We think that this is amazing and very impressive! So far, Greg has raised £739, 425 and it keeps rising!

By Rebecca, Katie and Alice (Year 8)