Animal testing

Animal testing is a disgusting process in which animals put there lives at stake to test cosmetics and medicines. Various animals take part including: mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds. 92% is successful on animals but fails on humans meaning their suffering was a waste of time.

People do don’t test products on humans as it violates them but why would it not violate animals as well?

Over 100 million animals die each year due to the cruel need of civilians. The test they die for include: Eye Irritancy, Acute Toxicity, Repeated Dose Toxicity, Skin Corrosivity/Irritation, Skin Sensitization, Pharmacokinetics / Toxicokinetics , Metabolism and Dermal Penetration. Many brands and shops have gone cruelty free meaning their products are not tested on animals these shops conclude of body shop, bath and body works, lush and no7. You can also get any vegan makeup too as this has also not been tested on animals. Even with cruelty free shops there are plenty which are and if more people stop buying products tested on animals companies that are cruelty free will increase in numbers dramatically and animal cruelty will decrease.

You can help by funding and donating to rehabilitation centres to give these poor creatures a chance to find joy in life outside of a cage

We interviewed a few members of our class to get their opinion on animal testing they said…

What’s your opinion on animal testing?

I think animal testing wrong and good at the same time it’s good because it helps develop medicine however it amazes me that people have taken innocent lives to do this.

What would be the best way to end this in your opinion?

To be honest I don’t think there will be an end to it as testing on animals is a sufficient way to develop medicines but I don’t see the need on cosmetics and makeup.

Do you think it has affected the way the world is now?

Yes as it could make many animals endagents and even extinct!

Together we can put an end to animal testing…

By Alexandra and Mary, Year 7