An Update on the Grenfell Tower Disaster

A tower of flats in London were set on fire and caused many fatal injuries and even death. Even though this event happened about nine months ago, police have found more evidence of why it has caused so many people to lose their lives.

Luckily, over two hundred people who formerly lived in the tower survived the fatal disaster but did unfortunately lose their home.The fire was accidentally caused by a Hotpoint fridge freezer and spread across the whole building. About two hundred firefighters tried to get rid of the blaze but in the end, it took almost a day to get rid of.

The most recent bit of news to have been revealed has been that the doors of the tower were meant to last for thirty minutes protecting people in the tower, but hardly lasted for half the time meaning that the people who lived in the tower didn’t have enough time to escape.

I think that this affected the amounts of lives lost by quite a lot because some of the people in the tower may not have known what was going on until it was too late. It is very unfortunate with the amount of lives lost but luckily the firemen could put out the fire before it spread or killed even more people.

Naomi (Year 7)