A Christmas Miracle!

Chapter 1

Midnight. It was December 1st 2007; a dark morning. Clouds and fog were everywhere suffocating the houses, windows frosted from the cold air, crunchy grass made up from the cold frost that lingered in the air. The roads were empty, a deserted island where no one dared to place foot on. Snow started falling, it fell on all the empty spaces, white, no footprints. Was this place abandoned? Then a crash came from a tall house.

A little girl, standing watching from the window, bored out of her life. She just wanted someone to be with. Inside the cold house, was her parents and her four siblings. The snow was a blanket that lay along the whole garden, but cold, like ice. Snow Angels. Igloos. Snowmen, she wanted to play and build all of these things, but she had nobody who would come with her. She dreamt of having a puppy, someone who could keep her company all the time. She could imagine caressing the soft fur of a cute pup, a cute pup that would be all hers. Grooming, running, playing and just having fun in general. What if? What if I could travel to find one, my own puppy? She contemplated this for a while. She kept fantasizing about this over and over but was blank minded,  What about mother and father? She soon came to realisation…

5:00 AM struck on the towering, ancient clock tower from down town, on the next street. The thin air, bitter, running through the whole town. Right down to her house. I have made a decision, she knew. After the bags were packed with food and clothes for this long journey, she departed.

Running down the long, narrow path. Her belongings rattled in her megalithic bag.  Her journey to the north had begun.

She started to get a little cold as she was jogging, a dwarf sized bakery she spotted. It looked like Santa’s house. The slick candy canes balanced with grace, small gummies around the little residence. Then she stepped forward onto the property, the smell, it was a ginger smell. Gorgeous… Maybe I should look inside? I wouldn’t mind if I could have something to eat, I am ravenous! No sound came from this mysterious place but the table; it was food galore! A bit full, she decided to grab a drink from the chilled fridge. Milk and Cookies, sounds delightful! Thoughts ran through her head, what if someone sees me? She lashed it open and then was abducted inside. This was definitely not right…

As she looked around her to see if she recognised where she was, echoes that are louder than the church bells ringing on Christmas Day! She didn’t have any idea what it was, then footsteps; as gentle as snowflakes that lay on the cold, icy ground. Bells, bells that sounded like soft rings of joy. A small figure of red and green appeared, she was the tinsel on any Christmas tree! She wondered while looking around. An Elf? This strange figure pushed her through a door with no explanation what so ever, she couldn’t see a thing, where did this elf take her?

She woke up, in a state where she was confused and cold… then suddenly a wet slobber covering her face, her heart brightened! A puppy? She was so excited and couldn’t believe this. A cute puppy to be hers forever, dreaming about all the things they would do together! A beautiful little beagle? A golden little retriever? Or maybe a black Labrador, Midnight! But as she looked up and could not believe her eyes…

Elisa Swalwell, 😯