A Briefing on Shamima Begum

If you have been watching or listening to the news lately, you will have heard the big news that Shamima Begum, a British teenager who went to Syria become a Jihadi bride, wants to come back to the UK.

In short, Begum who is now 19, has a new baby and a Dutch husband who converted to Islam and became an extremist. A Jihadi Bride is a young woman who supports the views and actions of terrorist groups and offers herself in marriage to an Isis extremist.  At a recent interview Begum told the press that she wanted to return to Britain so her baby can grow up in safety. People have different views on this, however.

Some people think that she should not be allowed back in Britain after joining the IS because she is capable of committing terrorist activities in the UK. Others think that she should be given a second chance. Yet others have the impression that she is being manipulated by the press and what she says isn’t true or wouldn’t have been said if she hadn’t been asked specific questions. Some people are taking a more violent approach and believe that she should be assassinated.

Naomi and Grace, Y8