7W & 7S Enterprise

7S and 7W took part in an enterprise workshop on Friday morning. Students had the opportunity to work with Carole Richards, Business Ambassador for Northumberland County Council. The students also worked with six other Business Ambassadors that volunteered to take part in the session.

We were delighted to find out that two of the Ambassadors were parents of students that currently go to Chantry Middle School; Mr Crumplin from BRIC and Mrs Cuthbertson from Proctor & Gamble (P&G). The other four Business Ambassadors were both from NCC, Sainsbury’s, Active Northumberland and Tyne Met College.

Students found out about the skills and attributes of a variety of roles within a company and calculated the profit for their group using their own records of expenditure and revenue of their own company. The students quickly realised the need for quality control in terms of their production and developed their negotiating skills when buying and selling stock.

Well done to “Duck N Stool Ducks” from 7W that were the overall winners. Members of the winning team were:7W enterprise winners

Piper Clarke

Lewis Cuthbertson

Molly Brown

Evan Dunn

Eleanor Clark