7H visit Piramal Healthcare

7H at PiramilStudents in 7H have been learning more about careers in the STEM sector, by visiting local pharmaceutical company Piramal Healthcare.During their afternoon visit, the students received an introductory talk about the company before visiting the Quality Control labs, trying their hand at paper chromatography and seeing how an electron microscope works.


Speaking after the visit, Ellie Cape in 7H said: “It was a really good experience as we got to do a range of experiments using equipment that isn’t available in school. I also enjoyed the tour of the site”.

A big thank you to Dr Paul Nott and his colleagues at Piramal for hosting the series of visits visits for all classes. 7C have already been on this visit but 7T, 7R & 7Y will visit Piramal on 2nd or 9th of July.